Dessert Recipes

Recipe and nutritional value of All-American Banana Split

The All-American Banana Split is a classic dessert that has been enjoyed for generations. It consists of a sliced ripe banana topped with scoops of vanilla, cho

Star Studded Blueberry Pie Recipe

Star-Studded Blueberry Pie is a classic dessert that combines sweet and juicy blueberries with a flaky, buttery pie crust. Blueberries are a great source of an

Million Dollar Cake: Recipe and nutritional value

Million Dollar Cake is a classic dessert that is known for its rich, indulgent flavor and texture. This cake is made with a tender, buttery cake base that is st

How To Make Chocolate Salami At Home?

Chocolate salami is a popular treat in Italy and other parts of Europe. It is a make-ahead dessert.

Mango Pudding Recipe

You can easily make delicious mango pudding with few ingredients in less time! Without the caramel but it is quite tasty.

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