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  • Strom offer at Samsung washing Machine
    To save times and wash cloths properly demand of washing machine always remain high. Due to have top loading and modern features demand of Samsung washing always remain high. Because of high price all cannot have it. To red... English Bangla
  • Samsung Spring Time Super sales Offer
    At TRANSCOM DIGITAL, there is a discount of up to Taka 12,000 for the original Samsung fridge in this spring. Fridge is an important appliance in the home. The fridge protects such homeowners from the hassle of daily shopping. Such housewives shorten the scope of m... English Bangla
  • Samsung refrigerators discounts Up to Taka 20000
    Now you buy a Samsung refrigerator, you can get up to 20,000 taka discounts with fresh and bacteria free food. There is also a maximum cash back of taka 22,000 on the exchange offer. Refrigerator is a very necessary appliance in the case of home appliances. There... English Bangla
  • Samsung Microwave Oven Exchange Offer
    At the first time in Bangladesh Samsung gives exchange offer in micro-wave oven. You can change your old Samsung micro-wave oven with new Samsung micro wave oven. You can change any type of conditions oven can be replaceable in this offer... English Bangla
    SAMSUNG is one of famous global home appliance brand. SAMSUNG is also a desirable brand to all kinds of customers. Because of good quality and using smart technology their product price is always high. So, all customers are not able to buy SAMSUNG anytime or take time to prepare money. For all respected customers SUMSUNG brought a great discount offer only on TV. On three category 7 models of TV a... English Bangla
Samsung Reviews
  • Samsung Refrigerator RS21HSTPN Price and Reviews
    Samsung Refrigerator RS21HSTPNSamsung Refrigerator RS21HSTPN is a latest technology base SXS Two Door non frost featuring model with maximum storage capacity of 600 liters. This is a mega size model of refrigerator capable of storing well enough food for longer time.Let&r... English
  • Samsung Refrigerator RSA1NTWPPrice and Reviews
    Samsung Refrigerator RSA1NTWP Samsung Refrigerator RSA1NTWP is a side by side tower shape frost free white color model of refrigerator. Along with elegant look it has ample 540 liters storage space to keep the food fresh for long time with real test and aroma. According t... English
  • Samsung AR18JC3HATPNNA Air Conditioner Price and Review
    Samsung AR18JC3HATPNNA Samsung is a very popular and reliable brand for home appliance and electronics products. Few months ago this company released Samsung AR18JC3HATPNNA Air Conditioner. This air conditioner is affordable and has some really attractive an... English
  • Samsung AR24JC3HATP Air Conditioner
    Samsung AR24JC3HATP Air Conditioner Samsung brand is a very popular brand worldwide for electronics products and home appliances. Recently Samsung Company has launched some new air conditioners with some attractive specifications. Samsung is a very trust worthy... English
  • Samsung Refrigerator RT28FARZASP Review, Price and Specification
    Samsung refrigeratorNo one can ignore the elegance and aristocracy of the product from the Samsung. All the products from the Samsung are made with the quality that anyone who use it bound to make his word with praise of this company. There are hardly any families in recent ... English