Gree Inverter AC 2 Ton (GS-24XPUV32) Technical Analysis


Gree GS-24XPUV32 appears to be a 2-ton inverter air conditioner designed for efficient cooling. Here's a breakdown of its technical aspects:


  • Cooling capacity: 24,000 BTU/hr (suitable for areas up to 240 sq.ft.)


  • Inverter technology: This allows the unit to adjust its power based on cooling needs, potentially leading to increased energy efficiency and quieter operation compared to traditional on/off ACs.
  • Split type: This means the system consists of two units - an indoor unit that circulates cool air and an outdoor unit that houses the compressor.


  • Official WiFi: This suggests the possibility of remote control or monitoring of the AC unit through a WiFi connection (availability and functionality of the WiFi features might depend on the specific app and region).
  • Auto Clean Function: This function helps eliminate moisture inside the indoor unit to prevent mold and bacteria growth, potentially improving air quality.
  • Cold Plasma: This technology might help purify the air by neutralizing airborne bacteria and viruses.

Official Warranty:

  • Compressor: 10 Years Warranty
  • Spare Parts: 1 Year
  • Free Service: 1 Year


The Gree GS-24XPUV32 appears to be a capable 2-ton inverter AC with features like auto clean and potentially WiFi control. However, to make a more informed decision, consider factors like:

  • Room size: Ensure the 2-ton capacity adequately cools your intended space.
  • Energy efficiency: Look for a unit with a high BTU/Watt ratio or Energy Star certification for lower running costs.
  • Noise level: Choose a unit with a noise level that suits your needs, especially for bedrooms.
  • Additional features: Consider features important to you, such as WiFi control, sleep mode, or different fan speeds.

For a complete analysis, consult Gree's official website or retailer specifications for detailed information on efficiency ratings, noise levels, and all available features.

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