Homel T800 Ultra Smartwatch: Feature Review (2024 Edition)


The Homel T800 Ultra smartwatch has been making waves in the budget wearable market, offering a feature set that rivals some high-end models. But with a lower price tag, is it too good to be true? Let's dive into the T800 Ultra's features to see if it lives up to the hype.

Design and Display:

The T800 Ultra boasts a stylish design with a large, 1.99-inch IPS display. While not the most cutting-edge (some competitors offer AMOLED displays), the IPS panel offers decent resolution (240 x 285 pixels) and good visibility outdoors. The included silicone band is comfortable and replaceable, allowing for personalization.


  • Fitness Tracking: The T800 Ultra tracks your basic fitness metrics like steps, calories burned, and distance. It also offers features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and various sports modes.
  • Smart Features: Receive notifications, messages, and calls directly on your wrist. You can also control music playback and remotely capture photos with your phone's camera.
  • Health Monitoring: While not a medical device, the T800 Ultra offers basic health monitoring features like heart rate and sleep tracking.
  • Water Resistance: The IP67 water resistance rating means the watch can withstand splashes and sweat, but avoid submerging it.
  • Battery Life: The T800 Ultra boasts a long battery life, lasting for days on a single charge depending on usage.

Downsides to Consider:

  • Limited App Support: The app selection for the T800 Ultra might be limited compared to more established smartwatches.
  • Accuracy Concerns: There have been some concerns about the accuracy of the T800 Ultra's health tracking features. It's best to view them as estimates, not medical-grade readings.
  • Durability: The long-term durability of the T800 Ultra, especially the display, is yet to be seen due to its recent release.


The Homel T800 Ultra smartwatch offers a compelling package for budget-conscious shoppers. It delivers a stylish design, a decent feature set for fitness tracking and everyday use, and long battery life. However, keep in mind potential limitations like app support and accuracy concerns before you buy.

Who Should Buy the T800 Ultra?

This smartwatch is a good option for casual users looking for a stylish fitness tracker and basic smart features at an affordable price. If you prioritize advanced health monitoring, extensive app support, or top-tier durability, you might want to consider other options.

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