Oreo Milkshake Recipe


Milkshakes are a quintessential treat loved by people of all ages. Among the myriad of flavors, one particular concoction stands out for its combination of smoothness and delectable taste—the Oreo milkshake. Combining the beloved Oreo cookies with creamy vanilla ice cream and a splash of milk, this heavenly beverage is a delight that will satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you craving for more. Let's dive into the recipe and learn how to create this delightful Oreo milkshake at home.

Ingredients: To create the perfect Oreo milkshake, gather the following ingredients:

  • 4 Oreo cookies
  • 2 cups of vanilla ice cream
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • 1 tablespoon of chocolate syrup (optional)
  • Whipped cream for topping (optional)
  • Oreo cookie crumbs for garnish (optional)


  1. Gather your ingredients and ensure that your ice cream is slightly softened for easier blending.

  2. Begin by placing the Oreo cookies into a blender or food processor. You can separate one or two cookies to crumble later for garnishing.

  3. Add the softened vanilla ice cream into the blender, ensuring that it covers the Oreo cookies.

  4. Pour in the milk and add the chocolate syrup (if desired) to enhance the chocolatey flavor. The chocolate syrup is optional but adds an extra touch of richness to the milkshake.

  5. Secure the lid of the blender and blend the ingredients until everything is well combined and the milkshake reaches a smooth and creamy consistency. Make sure there are no large cookie chunks remaining.

  6. Once blended to perfection, taste the milkshake and adjust the sweetness or thickness according to your preference. You can add more milk if you prefer a thinner consistency or extra ice cream for a thicker shake.

  7. Take a glass and drizzle some chocolate syrup along the inner walls for an aesthetic touch. This step is optional but adds a delightful visual appeal to your Oreo milkshake.

  8. Pour the blended mixture into the prepared glass, leaving a little room at the top for the whipped cream.

  9. Top the milkshake with a generous swirl of whipped cream, and if desired, sprinkle the crumbled Oreo cookies or cookie crumbs over the cream for added texture and flavor.

  10. Optionally, you can insert a straw and add an Oreo cookie as a garnish on the side of the glass for an extra touch of decadence.

  11. Your homemade Oreo milkshake is now ready to be savored! Serve immediately and enjoy the creamy, chocolaty goodness.

Indulging in an Oreo milkshake is like embarking on a delightful journey of flavors and textures. The combination of Oreo cookies, vanilla ice cream, and milk creates a lusciously creamy and satisfying treat that will leave you craving more. Whether enjoyed as a refreshing summer beverage or a comforting winter delight, the Oreo milkshake is a timeless classic loved by people around the world. So why not treat yourself and your loved ones to this irresistible delight? Whip up a batch of Oreo milkshakes today and experience the blissful joy it brings with every sip.

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