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World Class Home Appliance at Easy Installment
2020-03-26 Views: 363

World Class Home Appliance at Easy Installment

Buy your Refrigerator, TV or AC from Transcom Digital show-room at easy installment. Transcom  Digital is one of the well known trusted seller show-room for world class home appliance product. Only SUMSUNG, TRANSTEC, Whirlpool and HITACHI product are available in this offer.
In Details
  • Installment of SUMSUNG-
  • AC installment only 4,873 Taka.(18MV)
  • Refrigerator installment only 1,857 Taka.(R821/03)
  • 24" TV installment only 711 Taka.(24H4003)
  • Installment of TRANSTEC-
  • AC installment only 4,873 Taka.(TLED2406)
  • 24" TV installment only 541 Taka.(TSA-12TNM)
  • Installment of Whirlpool-
  • AC installment only 2,577 Taka. (212/3L)
  • Installment of HITACHI -
  • Refrigerator installment only 2,805 Taka. (R-H270P7BK)[BBK]
If you want to buy on installment, then some conditions are given here
  • 0% interest- You can take your appliance by 10% down payment and pay your due amount in 6 months without interest.
  • Easy installment- 18 months easy installment facilities are given to customer if they need more time.
  • Buy original electronics product from Transcom digital with easy installment of IPDC.
  • No need credit card.
  • To know details call at 16212.
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