Beat the Heat with the Gree KSWK-4001DGL: A Powerful Portable Air Cooler


Looking for a way to stay cool this summer without breaking the bank on an air conditioner? The Gree KSWK-4001DGL portable air cooler might be the perfect solution for you. This powerful cooler boasts a 40-liter water tank, making it ideal for medium to large spaces in your home or office.

Cool Features, Cool Comfort

The KSWK-4001DGL is packed with features that will keep you comfortable all season long. Here are some of its highlights:

  • Powerful Cooling: With an air volume of over 1000 cubic meters per hour, this cooler can effectively circulate cool air throughout your space.
  • Large Water Tank: The 40-liter water tank provides up to 15 hours of continuous cooling, so you won't have to worry about refilling it constantly.
  • Ice Compartment: For an extra boost of coolness, add ice to the built-in compartment.
  • Multiple Fan Speeds: Choose from four fan speeds to find the perfect level of airflow for your needs.
  • Oscillation Function: The cooler's oscillation function ensures even distribution of cool air throughout the room.
  • Convenience Features: The KSWK-4001DGL comes with a user-friendly touch control panel, a compact remote control, and a handy timer function.

Additional Perks

This Gree air cooler offers some extra features that add to its overall value:

  • Honeycomb Cooling Pads: These pads are designed to be highly effective at evaporating water and cooling the air.
  • Intelligent Clean Alert: The cooler reminds you when it's time to clean the cooling pads for optimal performance.
  • Fragrance Box: Add a touch of your favorite scent to the built-in fragrance box for a pleasant cooling experience.

Considering a Gree KSWK-4001DGL?

If you're looking for a portable air cooler that's powerful, convenient, and packed with features, the Gree KSWK-4001DGL is definitely worth considering. With its large water tank, multiple fan speeds, and oscillation function, this cooler can provide cool comfort throughout the summer months. Additionally, the intelligent clean alert, fragrance box, and user-friendly controls make it a breeze to maintain and operate.


The Gree KSWK-4001DGL appears to be available from retailers in Bangladesh. Prices may vary, so it's always a good idea to compare prices before you buy.

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