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Sumsung 100% Cash Back offer
2019-12-15 Views: 415

Sumsung 100% Cash Back offer

End of the year SUMSUNG brought to you a grand offer. Freeze, panel TV, microwave oven, Washing machine and AC. To decor your home with necessary home appliance this offer is suitable for you. Offers are given below-
  • Mega offer is 100% cash back.
  • Daily free gift
  • 5% extra cash back
  • Cash-back offer
  • Super saver offer
  • Exchange offer
100% cash back- To get 100% cash back you have to buy selective designed bundle of panel TV, refrigerator and washing machine. Buy at least two or three product from this bundle and send SMS to 22010 according system.
Daily free gift- If you buy panel TV, refrigerator and washing machine any one from selective model, then you would be eligible for daily gift. Also have to register by SMS according to system.

5% extra cash back-
If you buy any bundle included a panel TV then you may receive 5% extra cash back.
Cash-back offer- 200000 taka cash back for selective model panel TV, refrigerator, Washing machine, microwave oven and residential AC.   
Super saver offer- In this consideration you will get 12% guaranteed cash-back only for SUMSUNG residential AC of any model and 500 taka gift voucher of food panda for microwave oven.
Exchange offer- You can exchange your old refrigerator and TV with selective model of SUMSUNG refrigerator and panel TV up to 20000 taka.
Company provides you free home delivery and 12 month EMI facility to buy SAMSUNG appliance by your choice. This offer is available till 31 December 2019.
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