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  • Sebec Electric Oven SEO-35 KM Price and Reviews
    Sebec Electric OvenAccording to the increasing demand of the daily appliances we get an idea about the appliances market. To capture this mage size market national and international appliances manufacturing brand are competing against each other. In this circumstances customer are getting benefits. The e... English
Sebec Reviews
  • Sebec-SHL-03(E) Rechargeable Light price and reviews
    Sebec-SHL-03(E) Rechargeable Light In our country summer comes with not only advantages but also two regular problems. Number one hot climate and another one is load shedding. To get rid of   more hotness of summer we use cooler, AC, frizz etc. but, when it is load ... English Bangla
  • Sebec Split Air Conditioner SAC24KP
    Sebec Split Air Conditioner SAC24KP During the time of summer weather remain hot humid. In this tough weather you need to have an appliance that will make your life easy and comfortable. Compare to other appliances air conditioner is a major one. There are several t... English
  • Sebec Electric Kettle SEK-7R price and reviews
    Sebec Electric Kettle SEK-7R Home to office, nowadays electric kettle has become one of the common appliance. Due to have easy portability as well as outstanding outlook you can use to boil the water at your home as well as anywhere. This is a plug and play model of electri... English
  • Sebec Fan Heater SFH-2 reviews
    Sebec Fan Heater SFH-2 During the season of winter one of the most necessary appliance is room heater. Room heater may not you that comfort level which we usually get from nature but good enoug to make your room temperature comfortable to live. Along with futuristic features mode... English
  • Sebec Fan Heater SFH-4B price and reviews
    Sebec Fan Heater SFH-4BWinter is knocking the door it’s time to get ready for keeping himself warm in the time of chilly winter. Several appliances are available to keep the room warm in the time of chilly morning. Among them using fan heater is an easy option. Due to have... English