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Vision Twine Tub Washing Machine E08 Price and review
2020-08-29 Views: 238

Vision Twine Tub Washing Machine E08 Price and review

Technology is now humans door to door. You can take the advantage of technology by your choice and need. Using of latest technology always not mean the advance. Rather use technology according your need and demand is the mean of consciousness. For “Corona” issue maid servant service is now abolition. Washing clothes is most painful task in house hold work. For this reason people are become interest in washing machine. Washing machines are divided into several category according function and abilities. Vision Twine Tub Washing Machine E08- is a very simple and reasonable price washing machine.  

Working Details- Two several tub is consisting in twin tub washing machine. Its working procedure is manual. One tub is used for soaking clothes with detergent powder and wash. Another tub is used for spin for better drying of clothes. You have to transfer clothes from one tub to another. For this two different tub operating system this model is manual type.

Features of Vision Twine Tub Washing Machine E08:  Three control knobs are consisting on controlling panel. Wash timer, wash action setting, spin timer. To set this functions three knob is exist. Also has lint filter- that saves machine from lint or fiber of fabric insert into machine. Air dry system absorbs water from wet clothes. Its washing capacity is 7 kilo and spin capacity is 4.6 kilo. Two type of washing function is active in this model- heavy and regular. For large amount of clothes or heavy cloths heavy wash is applicable. For tiny or small or light wash use regular function.  

Mechanical features- To active this Vision Twine Tub Washing Machine E08 need 220 volt and 50Hz power connection. Water capacity is from 39 liter to 59 liter. During washing clothes consumes 320 watt. At spinning time need 120 watt. Weight of this machine is 19.5 kg.

Price and show-room- Price of Vision Twine Tub Washing Machine E08 is only 11,800.00 Taka. This model is available at Vision emporium at your city.

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