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Vision Food Processor VIS-FP-001 Price and Review
2020-05-07 Views: 362

Vision Food Processor VIS-FP-001 Price and Review

To make any fruit juice or drink in home blender is not always enough. Day by day increasing blenders or mixtures function. According jar size by small or large with different type of stainless blade use are become different from one to another. Making tasty a juice only blending is not enough. On the other hand any kind of fruit and vegetable are not appropriate to directly put on blender. To get a glass of pure natural fruit drink without any effort and in minimum time need a juicer.
Vision Food Processor VIS-FP-001 is model of food processor. This model is not only prepare juice, but also blending; grinding is also able by this model. So that, this model will gives you dual facility of juicer and blender within affordable price.  
Before buy a product know details about that. For your consideration characteristics of Vision Food Processor VIS-FP-001 are given below-
Separate Tank- Detached fruit pulp and store them in separate tank. Without cutting or pilling any fruit or green vegetable put full shape in a juicer and get a pure juice without any squash. Included a sieve in this model.
Different Jar- Four type of different jar are included in this model. Blender,Grinder,Juicer and chopper are included in this model. You can prepare forcemeat by this processor.
Big Jar- 1.8 litter jars is included in this model, by using it you can made juice for half a dozen of people at a time.
Blades- made by rust free, sharp and long-lasting better quality stainless steel.
Mechanical features- Power of Vision Food Processor VIS-FP-001 is 450 watt copper motor. It has over heat safety protection and child lock system. You can easily clean up its jar, pulp chamber and another tool.
Price and Market- Vision Food Processor VIS-FP-001 is available in any well-known home appliance show-room in your city. Its price is 3550.00 Taka.

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