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Singer Electric Kettle SREK-PRISMA3910 price and reviews
2019-11-26 Views: 515

Singer Electric Kettle SREK-PRISMA3910 price and reviews

Nowadays, electric kettle is one of the regular home appliances. With the help of eclectic kettle you can easily get boil water to make your favorite tea or coffee within short time. This smart kitchen appliance is not only save your valuable time but also responsible to increase the beauty of your kitchen.
In recent time singer has introduced jug shape white color model of electric kettle with maximum water storage capacity of 1 liter.  Elegant outlook with easy operating features have made this model demandable to the user.
Let’s have look important available features of this model.
Design and outlook: this is a dual ton white and light pink color jug shape model with plug and play features. Mainly there are two body parts are available one is upper jar and below part for power connection. Body part is made of stainless still and cover by plastic base. Power connection part is made of power supply copper coil and cover with plastic coating. Along with nice decorating handle a power supply switch is given to operate the kettle. To know the operating status a light is given at the bottom of the jug. It turns red in the time of run.
Maximum Storage: 1 liter is maximum bowling capacity of this model. To get clear idea of water fill up water scale is given at the body. So you can easily store water according to the requirement.
Power watt: main mechanism of this model is operated by power function. This electric model consumes 850 watts electricity. Main base of this kettle is power supply line with limited power connection cable. At the end of the month electricity bill may be little bit up but totally depend on your use.
fety features: to make sure about user safety a solid loc cover head is given. Moreover automatic power cutting option is also available. After 40 second it does automatically went to the shut down mode. So you can remain tension free in terms of user safety.
This is a regular model of kitchen appliance within affordable price. So you can easily have this model at your nearest appliance showrooms of singer. Price of Singer Electric Kettle SREK-PRISMA3910 model is Tk 1100.

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