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Walton Geyser WWH-WH35L price and review
2021-01-23 Views: 84

Walton Geyser WWH-WH35L price and review

Geyser is an easy solution for hot water during shower time. Keep your bathroom geyser full to get water during bath time properly. Otherwise you will have to wait for a while. Walton Geyser WWH-WH35L is a durable model of geyser.

Outlook- Walton Geyser WWH-WH35L is a drum shape white color geyser model. A black design in a side shows elegant looks of geyser. A meter is attached with this geyser to measure internal pressure. An analog meter is attached just opposite corner of the design. Middle position Walton logo is drawn. Two line for inlet and outlet water. Two power indicator lamp for power connection signal and heating condition indication.

Features of Walton Geyser WWH-WH35L-

Premium protective magnesium anode used in this model to equalizer aggressive water. High density CFC free polyurethane foam insulation used. High precision thermostat and thermal cut-out protection against dry for excessive boil. This geyser can afford 7.5 bar high working pressure. Flow-back proof safety protection protects water leakage.

Electric features- Always select a strong switch board and safe fuse for use any home appliance. Connect the geyser with such kind of switch board. 50 Hz frequency and 220 volt is enough for Walton Geyser WWH-WH35L.   
Price and show-room- Walton Geyser WWH-WH35L is available to your nearest Walton show-room. Price of this model is 9900.00 Taka.

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