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Walton Electric Lunch Box WELB-RB02 Price and Review
2019-12-26 Views: 421

Walton Electric Lunch Box WELB-RB02 Price and Review

Electric lunch box is new in our country but quiet familiar to abroad. Mainly it is a lunch box but you can use it to warm your food at anywhere. This is the main characteristics of this box. Walton brought Walton Electric Lunch Box WELB-RB02  an electric lunch box to our country.
Structure- It looks like an ordinary 1100 ml lunch box. This box is white in colors with little bit sky blue combination. When you are out of home to take food according proper arrange for lunch there is a partition into the box. It’s inner decoration match with our regular food item. Rice part of this box is 650 ml and dish part is 450 ml. You can detach the dish part to take away.   
Use- There is a white cord will give you, that’s port is included in box. Without any hazard you can easily warm your food by connect this cord with any safe power supply.  40 mins needs to warm up food. In office lunch time you can prepare your food like home very easily by this lunch box.    
Quality- Customer confusion is very simple about the quality of this lunch box. This box is manufactured by food grade high temperature environmental material. That keeps your food fresh; there is no unhygienic odor or side effect of hot plastic. Keep the real test of food. PTC heating element keeps you safe from unwanted incidence by current. It is more effective with less current. It also keeps your food fresh for long time like a quality full lunch box.     
Electric features- To does its works properly it needs 220 volt-240 volt 50 Hz. It consume 40 watt to warm up food.
Value and Market- This Walton Electric Lunch Box WELB-RB02 is a small but necessary item is available to your nearest Walton show-room. Its value is very reasonable. Only 590.00 Taka.

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