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Walton Geyser WWH-WC15L

Walton Geyser WWH-WC15L

Walton Geyser WWH-WC15L
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Price updated on 2020-12-17

Model No: WWH-WC15L
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ID: 12615
Category: Geyser
Brand: Walton

Product Description
Premium protective magnesium anode, equalize aggressive water
- High density cfc free eps foam insulation
- High precision thermostat and thermal cut-out protection against dry heat
- Dual color indicator lamp for power connection and heating condition
- 8.0 bar high working pressure
- Flow-back proof safety protection
- Manual heating controlling switch
- Mechanical switch temperature control
- Enamel coated water tank
- Both vertically and horizontally installable
Power Consumption: 2000W
- Voltage range: 220~240V, 50Hz
- Rated pressure: 0.8 MPa
- Max. Temperature: 75±5 °C
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