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Regal Wooden Bed BDH-354-3-1-20(Single)

Regal Wooden Bed BDH-354-3-1-20(Single)

Regal Wooden Bed BDH-354-3-1-20(Single)
This Product is not available!
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(This Product is not available!)
Price updated on 2021-01-23

Model No: BDH-354-3-1-20(Single)
Views: 343 times
ID: 12320
Category: Furniture
Brand: Regal Furniture

Product Description

Product Description

Without pillow, mattress and bedsheet.

- Solid Wooden Frame  & processed wood is used to ensure the product's durability.
- Well seasoned and chemically treated wood ensures termite resistance.
- Finest quality imported accessories ensure a strong structure.
- 1-year warranty service.
- Free fitting service
- Knocked down flat box packaging for easy and damage-free transportation.

Product delivery duration may vary due to availability in stock. 

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  • রিগ্যাল উডেন বেড BDH-354-3-1-20(Single)
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