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  • Rangs day’s offer 2021
    Buy LED TV in Rangs day’s 2021 offer with striking discount price. Buy a quality full LED TV in this offer. Offers in details- Exclusive discount till 100%. Certain digital cash return. Cash voucher on ordered model and free gift. Additional discount for GP star, Banglalin... English Bangla
  • SINGER Festival
    Refrigerator and AC is equally demanding appliance all of the season of the year. Every user desired to buy quality full refrigerator and AC in his budget. Sometimes they raise their budget to buy a better one.World famous brands are often expensive for new couple to start their new fa... English Bangla
  • Jamuna Electronics Mega Offer
    Jamuna electronics provides till 25% discount on any models of refrigerator. Customer can buy their preferable models from anywhere of country by a home. Offer is details- You can buy any models of refrigerator of Jamuna models from Jamuna plaza and estorejamuna.com , enjoy till 25% cash discount. Your onl... English Bangla
  • Walton Television Exchange Offer
    Walton is offering both old and new model of televisions. You will get cash discount offer at new television model and exchange offer at old television. This offer is for limited time. So get it fast. offer details is given below You will get sure tk 2500 discount offer at any walt... English Bangla
  • Super Installation offer at Best Electronics
    Eid market is already gone. May b that time was not perfect for you to buy some important appliance for home at discount price. Best electronics brought another opportunity for you. At best electronics show-room you will found domestic and foreign brand different type of appliance. At... English Bangla
  • Gree air cooler KSWK06S61DG price and review
    Air cooler is a marge type of appliance between fan and AC.Gree air cooler KSWK06S61DGis a 3-in-1 model. It will play role like fan, air cooler and humidifier according your demand. Its structure is very attractive. This tower type air cooler can be adjustable at any crner of your room. Area an... English Bangla
  • Jamuna Washing Machine XPB95-108S-12 price and reviews
    When you are depends on laundry or you’re helping hand for washing clothes, then it will make you hopeless. It may unclean or little bit harm of your cloths. Washing machine can help you to clean your clothes according... English Bangla
  • Singer Refrigerator SRREF-SINGER-BCD-273-DGG price and reviews
    Singer is a world renowned home appliance brand. In our country Singer TV, fridge, AC is most demanding home appliance. Singer owns the heart of billion customers by service and price. Singer fridge is one of the reliable products for all kinds of customers... English Bangla
  • Walton WRC PAPE22 price and features
    In our country, rice is our main food. Cooking rice is not very tough or not easy too. If the process of rice cooking is not properly done than you could not have eatable rice at your meal time.  Rice cooker has made all these... English Bangla
  • Walton Refrigerator WNM-1N5-RXXX-RP Price and Review
    For reasonable price and better service Walton refrigerator is top of the list.Walton WNM-1N5-RXXX-RPis a non-frost refrigerator model. It is a regular model of refrigerator with frizzier and refrigerator combination. Features-Capacity of Walton WNM-1N5-RXXX-RPis 167 litters. Its climate type is N~T. RSCR compressor is used in this model. Temperature maintains system is mechanical. Automatic defr... English Bangla