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Walton Fan W17OA-AS has price and review
Published: 2021-02-28 Views: 332

Walton Fan W17OA-AS has price and review

During summer some appliance are cover the appliance market rapidly. Rechargeable fan is one of the important appliances for summer. A rechargeable fan can gives you more relax and rescue from sweating in load shading. To use it no need for alternative connection or huge arrangement. A quality full fan for long service is enough.
Structure- Walton Fan W17OA-AS is a blue and white color combinations table fan. Beas is blue color and white color plastic stand. Fin is transparent type light blue color. Height is 17". Height of this fan is 17". Diameter of this is 430 mm.  
General features- Walton Fan W17OA-AS longer lasting service battery. This fan can control with remote or without remote. This fan is able to run with AC and DC both supply. When it is directly connect with switch board then it is active with AC.  When power will be cut of it can automatically turn into DC from AC and will continue air flow.  12V DC motor is attached with this model. 
Electric features- Walton Fan W17OA-AS is able to fan with 220 volt 50 Hz frequency.  Efficiency of this model is 30 watt. Speed is 1385 rpm. An LED light is included for remove darkness during load shading. Brightness of the light is 0.056W*2. Color of light shade is white.
Battery running time-  Walton Fan W17OA-AS can flow air on hi speed for 3hours longer. At medium sped it can flow air for 3.5 hours. At low speed it can flow 6hours. Life time of LED light included with Walton Fan W17OA-AS is 90 hours.  To be full charged need 8 to 10 hours charging time. 
Price and showroom- Walton Fan W17OA-AS  is available to your nearest Walton show-room. Price of this rechargeable table fan is 4200.00 Taka.

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