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Vision Electric Kettle VIS-EK-004 price and review
Published: 2020-11-28 Views: 276

Vision Electric Kettle VIS-EK-004 price and review

People are effected by cold allergy are used to using hot water is every need of water task. To drink, wash face-hand-leg, shower use hot water keeps away from many kinds of cold germ and effects of corona virus. Vision Electric Kettle VIS-EK-004 is a model of electric kettle and its price is very reasonable.

Outlook- Full body is silver color of Vision Electric Kettle VIS-EK-004 but handle and lid is in black color. An illuminated on-off switch is on the handle. Lower part of this kettle is also black color and a power indicator light is there. This light put on to gives indicate that power is connected.

Features- a cord is connected with base plate. Vision Electric Kettle VIS-EK-004 has 360° rotation body. Power cord connects with supply line and pushes the switch then it will be ready for boiling water. Kettle will be automatically turn off when water is boiling in 100°C temperature.

Facilities- Heating elements of Vision Electric Kettle VIS-EK-004 all are consoled. Also has triple safety protection. Dry boil and over heat safety protection is also included. These arrangements are for user safety. Power supply cord is made by 100% copper and two-pin VDE plug. Its capacity is 1.5 litters which is enough for bath.

Difficulties- Silver colors body part of Vision Electric Kettle VIS-EK-004 is made by silver. So when waters are boiling then its turns hot. Users have to be safe about this part during pours hot water.

Electric features- Vision Electric Kettle VIS-EK-004 needs 1500 watt to boil water. During power connection use safe and solo fuse connected switch.

Price and Show-room- Vision Electric Kettle VIS-EK-004 is very available to your nearest vision emporium. Vision permitted or any home appliance shop. Price of this model is only 1000 Taka.

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