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Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-100 price and reviews
Published: 2017-06-22 Views: 1881

Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-100 price and reviews

Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-100Appliances that make our life easy, among them refrigerator has become part and parcel of our daily life. Along with ordinary refrigerator day by day demand of freezer is increasing rapidly due to have extra cooling ability as well as specialty of storing heavy food.
In this Eid occasion, Transtec has introduced new Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-100. This is a perfectly made box shape model of freezer with maximum storage capacity of 90 liters.

Let’s have a look some of the key features of this model at a glance.


-          Small size perfectly made chest freezer with eye attractive design. It will not only keep your food safe for longer time but also taking care of your place beauty.

-          Powerful cooling featuring freezer generates power cooling up to -18 degree.

-          Eco friendly high tech R600a refrigerant has been using as a cooling media.

-          Nice shape model could be easily set at any place of the room comfortably.


-           It would have been better to have within affordable price.

Design and dimension
Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-100 is a silver color durable metal made chest freezer with maximum storage capacity of 90 liters. Box shape model with total dimension W*D*H (MM) ~ 574*524*845 does not required to have huge space to keep the freezer at your place. This single door chest freezer cooling system is connected with door as well as LED light is also given to get clear compartment view. Along with deep and wide space of storage one wire rack is given to keep dry food separately with real aroma. Door is lock system to protect food. At the bottom of the right corner control panel is given. Three knob regulators are given to adjust the function according to the requirement. At the bottom no wheels are available to move from one place to another.
Storage and cooling feature
Total storage capacity of Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-100 is 90 liters. This is a perfect for a mid size family. You could put several boxes at the compartment as well as dry food at the wire rack. This is an Eco friendly CFC and HCFC gas free high tech R600a refrigerant made cooling cycle not only keep the food safe but also taking care about the environment. Moreover, due to have latest cooling technology will save your power energy.
Electric features
This is a daily appliance with normal electrical features. You could easily run with the normal voltage of 220V to 230V. This mode consume minimum power energy as well as modern cooling R600a gas keep the power consumption within the limit. So at the end of the month you may remain tension free regarding electricity bill.
Price and availability
Transtec has several outlets all over the country as well dealers. So you may easily get this model at your nearest appliances showrooms within affordable price. Price of Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-100 is TK 18990 ( collected at 21-6-2017).

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