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Sony Rangs Big bold sale offer
2020-08-18 Views: 423

Sony Rangs Big bold sale offer

Rangs electronics brought big bolt seal offer to their huge customers. TV, Frizzier and AC are consisting in this seal. You can buy Rangs and kelvinator refrigerator in this discount price. Specialty of those frizzier ares- 
  • High efficient cooling system.
  • Strong compressor.
  • Anti-microbial function that keeps food fresh and healthy.
Exchange offer is included in this offer. You can exchange your old refrigerator with a new refrigerator as your choice. In exchange offer 7% extra discount will be included. Rangs electronics offers discount nearly on 35 refrigerators model. Buy a model match with your home interior between 21 august, 2020. For your acknowledgement few of models and discount price are given below-  


Regular price

Discount price

Kelvinetor KHV-138DF

33,900 Taka

18,984 Taka

Kelvinetor KHV-427FF

1,32,900 Taka

79,740 Taka

Rangs RR-142BT(B)

20,500 Taka

26,900 Taka

‌‌‌Rangs RR-770KG

50,900 Taka

23,900 Taka

‌Rangs RR-807KG

51,900 Taka

24,900 Taka

Rangs RR-226S

43,900 Taka

26,900 Taka

Rangs RR-757CHG

43,900 Taka

27,900 Taka

Rangs RR-844KG

56,900 Taka

28,900 Taka

To view more models and placing order visit Sony-Rangs online store- http://shop.rangs.com.bd/ or your nearest Sony-Rangs online show-room. This offer will be valid till 21 August, 2020.

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