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LG Refrigerator GS-J5961NS (NOBLE STEEL) Price and Reviews
Published: 2016-04-19 Views: 2815

LG Refrigerator GS-J5961NS (NOBLE STEEL) Price and Reviews

LG Refrigerator GS-J5961NS (NOBLE STEEL) One of the smart technology base appliances of modern days is LG Refrigerator GS-J5961NS (NOBLE STEEL). This model is not only decorated with modern technology but also good enough to provide your kitchen or dining place an extra ordinary look. This mega size refrigerator will keep the food fresh and testy for long time without using any harmful cooling ingredients.


Unlike ordinary refrigerator it has four doors with one door to door at freezer section. That saves cold air escape up to 41% than R-Door opening. Besides this model has been made by Nobel steel which is known for durability.

Metal characterized by a lack of chemical activity with atmosphere and mild acids, such as gold, silver, and platinum. Since noble metals are non-reactive, they do not develop rust (corrosion) and therefore have indefinite life span.

Along with multiple doors it has water dispenser system to get water at any time as well as ready ice dispenser for instant ice.


You need to have enough space to keep this mega refrigerator model at your kitchen or dining place. Moreover its weight is heavy move from one place to another. Therefore you have to fix a place for keeping this giant permanently.


This LG Refrigerator GS-J5961NS is perfect for big size family or big kitchen. If you are looking for extra ordinary refrigerator model and you have sufficient balance than you can go for this model.

Design and Dimension

Silver color multi door system huge LG Refrigerator GS-J5961NS model is made of NOBLE STEEL. This material is known for stability. This model can esily give you service for long years.

Its multi door option allows you to open a particular part of the refrigerator. Therefore cool of the refrigerator remain compact. Inside cavity of this refrigerator has organized in a way that you can easily use optimal space of both cavities.

In front of the door water and ice dispenser is given. So that, you can easily get cold water as well as ready ice instantly in the time of hot and humid summer. Handel of this model is pocket system. As a result you can easily open or close the door. At the bottom of this model has leg to hold the refrigerator strongly with the ground and in the case of increasing or decreasing the level of height you can use screw.

At a glance we can easily understand it is mega size refrigerator. Dimension measurement will give you more clear idea about the consuming space. Dimension of (Width x Height x Depth) is (912 x 1785 x 731).

Net Storage Capacity

Total storage capacity of this model is 596 liters or 21 cft. At the refrigerator sector it has 493 liters as well as in the freezer sector has 193 liters storage capacity. Along with ordinary storage box it has multiple trays and drawer for storing the food in organized way. This refrigerator has several layers for storing the food as well as ice box is also available for making the ice. At the door multiple bottle storage space has been given. Its multi storage box has several features to keep the food fresh for long time by adjusting the temperature according to the requirement. It has green zone that specially made for storing daily vegetable.

Cooling Features

To keep the cool inside the cavity properly multiple doors is excellent. Every sector has his separate door. Therefore you do not require opening full door for getting food from the refrigerator. In addition it has door in door system that emerge 40% less cooling than ordinary refrigerator.

LG Refrigerator GR-p209GSYV is popular to make efficient cooling its R600A refrigerant cooling media has the ability to store the food in any season. 100% copper tube is generating cool without using any harmful CFC or HCFC gas. This model has made for all class climates.

Along with normal cooling features this model has jet cooling option for instant fast cooling. Moreover this model has door cooling capacity that provides cooling air from front of the door.

General Features

All these general features are very important, it helps a refrigerator to work more smooth way as well as made this model more convenience to use.

Following features are available in this model are given below.

Bio-shield: This technology is work as an anti bacterial function. It does prevent the cavity from the mould as well as keep the inside environment free from bad flavor. It also help to keep the refrigerator clean properly.

Auto Ice Maker: This is a smart feature because of that you do not require to store water in the ice tray for making the ice. Its humidity controlling features can store the humidity and covert it in to the water and make full use of it to make ice cube automatically.

Express Freeze: This model generally use in the time of extra hot weather and require generating cool quickly inside the cavity. This option generally use for making the water cools in the hot and humid weather. This option generally works for 30 minutes. After reaching that particular time it got back to the normal mood.

2x Drawer: Unlike ordinary model of refrigerator it has 2x size dower for storing more food than normal refrigerator model.

Moist Balance Crisper: Refrigerator does generate moisture inside the cavity which is require to keep the food fresh but extra moisture can be reason for rotten the food. Moister level does very according to the type of the food. Therefore to balance the level of moister this model is playing big role.

Hygiene Fresh +: One of the newly introduced smart technology of LG is Hygiene Fresh+ ™ leads utmost air purifying performance in refrigerators. This unique UV light & Photo catalyst mechanism, this new 5-layered filter upgrades hygienic condition with anti-bacterial and deodorization. For anti-bacterial function, CHEARI has certified its capability by 99.99% Moreover, Hygiene Fresh+ ™ can effectively deodorize all bad smells of food items in every way, such as stinks of rotten vegetable or fish. And Hygiene Fresh+ ™ exclusive fan makes air purifying power amplify to keep food items fresher and longer.

Multi Air Flow: in the case of general refrigerator model, air flow generates from one fan and spared properly at both the refrigerator as well as freezer section. In that case sometime it does not able to provide the cool properly. In the case of LG Refrigerator GS-J5961NS (NOBLE STEEL) model has been used two cooling fun for proper air flow to the both cavity.

Unique Features

All these features have made this model unique as well as different from other ordinary model of refrigerator. This model of LG refrigerator has some unique features. That is discussing in below.

Water and Ice dispenser: you only need to store the water at the jar. After that need to press the button for getting cold bacteria free water within short time as well as its ice dispenser system generate the ice and preserve at the box of the refrigerator automatically. Unlike other model of refrigerator you can get ice by pressing only a button.

Door-in-Door: For those fly-by visits to the refrigerator, the Door in Door feature allows you to get in and get out providing easy access to beverages and snacks. Therefore it does not allow exiting the cool like ordinary model.

Smart Diagnosis: this option keeps the refrigerator safe. This technology keeps the food safe from harmful bacteria by diagnosis at several stages. Therefore you can remain tension free about the standard of the food.

Electric Features: This model consumes 610 watts energy to run this model which is normal and you do not require having any high voltage power supply line. You can run this model with the normal voltage of 220V to 240V with normal frequency of 50Hz.

In addition this model has inverter system compressor that consume power according to the cavity situation. If at the inside of the cavity cool remain enough then compressor stop working and vice versa in the case of hit generating situation.

Eco-friendly: LG is a global brand and they are very much concern about environmental issue. Therefore they have used green cooling technology in their refrigerator model.


As a global brand you can easily get this model at your nearest home and kitchen appliances showroom of LG. They have several showroom as well as dealers all around the world.


Price of the appliance always does matter in the case of selecting any model. This LG Refrigerator GS-J5961NS is a smart technology base refrigerator model and price of this model is TK 325450 (collected at 2-4-2016).


According to the features price of this model is justified. In my point of view if you are looking for extra ordinary home appliance model of refrigerator than go for it.


This model is generally perfect for big family as well as restaurant.


Be happy and enjoy the blessing of modern science.

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