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Gree Refrigerator GDRF-228G price and reviews
Published: 2019-03-31 Views: 1397

Gree Refrigerator GDRF-228G price and reviews

Gree Refrigerator GDRF-228GIn recent time, Gree has introduced new graphical red color model of bottom mounted refrigerator. Unlike regular model this model is good to use for the senior citizen. Regular food can be store easily at the top compartment and at the bottom freezer section is given with several layers.
Gree Refrigerator GDRF-228G is a red color bottom mount model with maximum storage capacity of 228 liters. This is a modern technology base equally distributed model.
Let’s have look some of the key features of this model at a glance.
-          Red glossy attractive graphical designing model of refrigerator. That will not only store your food safely but also increase the beauty of your place too.
-          Adjustable thermostat with easy operating control panel to manipulate the operating function easily.
-          Futuristic featuring model to keep your food safe for long time. All the gasket door to keep the cool air tight. Therefore, your electricity bill will be remaining with your limit.
Design and Dimension
Gree Refrigerator GDRF-228G is a tower shape model of direct cooling refrigerator decorated with futuristic features. This model is not only having futuristic features but also attractive outlook too. At the front of the structure has glossy double door with air tight functions that hold the cool within the cavity and keep the food safe for the loner time easily without disturbing food heath. At the inside of the cavity there is LED system light is given that allow you to keep the product safe as well as get clear inside view. This tower shape glossy out looking model weight is 37 kgs and dimension of this model is W-595 x D-683 x H-1850. According to the dimension you could easily set this model at your place.
Available features
This is a moderns decorating model of refrigerator with futuristic features. Let’s have a look some of the basic features of this model at a glance.
Attractive outlook: this is an attractive out looking model decorated with futuristic features. So this model will not only increase the beauty of your place but also taking care of your food health too.
Refrigerant: this model has been using eco and power saving refrigerant R600a. This model will not only taking care of your food health but also save your power energy.
Inverter system: Inverter cooling technologies make sure about the cooling environment of the cavity. This mood has sensor system that work according to the sense. In the case of cooling it get the sense and adjust the temperature according to the weather.
Big freezer compartment: this model has big freezer compartment to keep the food safe with real aroma. Moreover, this model has several layers took keep the food safe and separately.
No frost: we could easily get the food and cook food without having any problem. This is an easy store and removing mode. So could easily store your food and remove it in the time of cooking.
100 percent copper condenser: This model has 100 percent copper condenser to flow cool air at the both the cavity.
Electrical features
This is a daily appliance with regular power energy providing mood. You can easily run this model with the normal voltage of 220V to 230V and consume minimum watts to run the appliance. So at the end of the month your electricity bill will be remaining within the limit.
Price and availability
This is an available model with futuristic features and easily getable at your nearest appliances showrooms within affordable budget. Price of Gree Refrigerator GDRF-228G is TK 36000 (collected at 28/3/2019).

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