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Butterfly Rice Cooker MB-FC50UB Review
Published: 2015-06-15 Views: 2742

Butterfly Rice Cooker MB-FC50UB Review

Do you like to have rice in your everyday meal? Then rice cooker would be right choice for you then presser cooker or other cooking appliance. Though presser cooker is popular and widely uses kitchen appliance but it takes more time compare to rice cooker. Rather than that you have to stay around your kitchen. In terms of rice cooker you do not have to do much but providing right proportion of rice and water. Now technology has improved lot and you have modern feature rice cooker that take less time compare to ordinary one. There are several companies who are manufacturing latest model of rice cooker along with new technology. Butterfly is one of the popular and big brands in the market of home and kitchen appliance. They have been manufacturing wonderful design along with latest feature home and kitchen appliance. Rice cooker is among them. Beside ordinary rice cooker model now they are manufacturing modern version of rice cooker. Butterfly MB-FC50UB is a latest model. Details about this model are given below. Design and outlook It almost looks like a Tiffin pot. Because of latest features it is totally automated and it has various buttons on top of the pot to control the function of the rice cooker. Beside that it has display that show the time and measure of cooking. Total cooking capacity of MB-FC50UB is 1.8 litter which medium in terms of shape. Color combination of this model is very nice it has light pink color with Wight border. Inner pot Inner pot is a curtail matter in terms of rice cooker. There are two types of inner pot are used in rice cooker. One is stick and other one is non-stick. Food generally stuck in the stick pot but in the case of non-stick pot food does not stick and it use less amount of oil. Beside that it is easy to clean. Smart fuzzy logic control New technology has been using in the rice cooker is known as Smart fuzzy logic control. It sense how done your rice is and then time the cooking intelligently. Because of this latest technology you do not have to worry about your cooking. It will cooked food for you as well as keeps your food warm. Rather than that it has 15 hours preset timer that help you to set your cooking menu. Multifunction Rice cooker is no longer consisting of cooking only rice. Now you can use it as a cooker of various foods such as vegetable, fish or meat. It is not only cook food but also cooked testy food. Price and running cost Price of this wonderful model is Tk 3625.00 which is reasonable compare to the service and features of the rice cooker. It consumes only 900 watts electricity that only takes 200 to 300 TK bill per month. So, you can have it in your kitchen. Rice cooker has made our cooking more convenient and safe. Be happy.

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