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Butter fly Mon valo kora offer
2020-06-14 Views: 219

Butter fly Mon valo kora offer

Butter fly brought to you enchanting offer. It’s not only on any fixed product, if you buy any product of eco+ and LG then you can get the offer.  During this critical circumstances you do not need to reach showrooms, you can easily choose your product and order at online. They will serve free home delivery.
  • To get this offer you have to purchased minimum of taka7000 of any Eco plus and LG products.
  • 100% discount is offering at any Ac, Refrigerator or TV Model.
  • 8 months EMI service is available without any interest as well as to get this benefit you do not need to have any credit card.
  • You can easily place your order at online and get free home delivery.
Stay safe at your home and keep your family safe. Use good quality product for your family. Butterfly  is always with you. To place your order at online you can log in at butterflygroupbd.com or call at 16571.
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