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Rangs Refrigerator Mega Offer
2020-06-13 Views: 706

Rangs Refrigerator Mega Offer

RANGS brought to you incredible discount offer on refrigerator. In this summer before buy a refrigerator pay a visit in RANGS online store, and then take decision. RANGS premium refrigerators are included in this mega discount offer only in Sony-RANGS online store. Details-

Discount price is applicable for some selected models of RANGS premium refrigerators series.

You can order your selected product on online and pay your bill after receive home delivery. You have to wait for a little bit for your product delivery. Companies will delivery your product as soon as possible according order serial.

If you want instant delivery then first confirm your order at online shop. Select your nearest show-room during order. Then contact with selected show room between 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Show your online order number and receive your ordered product instantly.

You can use cash/credit card to pay your payment.

Also have EMI pay system for due payment.

List of discount price according models-


Original price

Discount price

Rangs Refrigerator RR-1130CHG (320 Liter)

66,900 Taka

29,500 Taka

Rangs Refrigerator RR-844KG (250 Liter)

65,900 Taka

27,900 Taka

Rangs Refrigerator RR-226S (215 Liter)

43,900 Taka

25,462 Taka

Rangs Refrigerator RR-807KG (235 Liter)

51,900 Taka

24,900 Taka

Rangs Refrigerator RR-770KG (230 Liter)

50,900 Taka

23,500 Taka

All the show room of Sony-RANGS is open from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm everyday to fulfill any emergency necessary of customer. Mega offer is only for online order. It is a better opportunity to buy a quality full refrigerator. This offer is valid till stock reservation. To place your order or know details visit- http://shop.rangs.com.bd/


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