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  • Diffrence between Jamuna JE 220 DEEP and LG ZR-26FAR freezer
    Letest tehnology no longer remain for a one particuler group of people or area. Nowadays, domestic manufacturing appliances brand have been introducing latestv technology in their product and competting againest renowned international brand. LG, one of the popular and fast row brand of home and kitchen applinces, have launched new LG ZR-26FAR freezer model of deep freezer with modern technology. ... English
  • LG Microwave Oven MS-3042G price and reviews
    LG Microwave OvenDay by day price of appliances are coming within the reach of general people. As a result use of home and kitchen appliances are increasing. Most of the renounce brands are providing latest technology base attractive looking appliances within reasonable price. How popular LG is?... English
LG Reviews
  • LG 8 KG Auto top loading washing machine middle black
    When it became difficult to seek time for wash clothes by hand, then we depend on washing machine. For buy a washing machine we need to conscious about a good brand and effective function for better service. Otherwise it will be out of order soon. L... English Bangla
  • LG No-frost refrigerator NIMBUS GL-B252VPZY PY price and review
    To buy any quality full refrigerator must need to give high price.Because, your family health and quality foods depends on refrigerator. For this reason necessary to buy better quality refrigerator according to ability. LG is one of the world classes brand among th... English Bangla
  • LG Micro wave oven MS2595DIS Price and reviews
    Oven is a very useful and helpful home appliance. It is useful because when you are reheat food on gas stove, then it loose food value and vitamins. If you use oven to heat then it saves both food value. In modern kitchen is incomplete without micro wave oven. In case of bak... English Bangla
  • LG Frost Refrigerator GC-249VL price and reviews
    LG Frost Refrigerator GC-249VL Refrigerator, mostly using appliance after television, is an all season appliance. Refrigerator is not only capable of keeping your food safe for longer time but also taking care of your foods. There are several international and domestic ap... English Bangla
  • LG Washing Machine F 10B8QDT2 price and reviews
    LG Washing Machine F 10B8QDT2If you are looking for a Washing machine with futuristic features and wonderful outlook within affordable price then LG Washing Machine F 10B8QDT2 will be the best one for you. This is a fully automatic washing machine with maximum capacity of ... English