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Jamuna Reviews
  • Jamuna electronics amar ghor, ami sajai offer
    Jamuna electronics brought to you “amar ghor, ami sajai” offerin this winter.In the end of the year buy your appliance with discount price. You can buy these appliances from Jamuna electronics show-room and website. Offer in details- Buy TV, fridge, AC, bike or home appl... English Bangla
  • Jamuna Microwave Oven P90D23EPIIIK(23LW) Price and Reviews
    Oven is one of the important appliance to make cake, cookies, pie or bun at home. With the help of oven you can easily make your afternoon snakes. Jamuna microwave ovan   P90D23EPIIIK(23LW ) is a effective oven within affordable price.   Structure: Jamuna manufacturi... English Bangla
  • Jamuna Washing Machine XPB95-108S-12 price and reviews
    When you are depends on laundry or you’re helping hand for washing clothes, then it will make you hopeless. It may unclean or little bit harm of your cloths. Washing machine can help you to clean your clothes according... English Bangla
  • Jamuna Electronics Mega Offer
    Jamuna electronics provides till 25% discount on any models of refrigerator. Customer can buy their preferable models from anywhere of country by a home. Offer is details- You can buy any models of refrigerator of Jamuna models from Jamuna plaza and estorejamuna.com , enjoy till 25% cash discount. Your onl... English Bangla
  • Jamuna refrigerator JR-LES634800 CD Majestic Padma Price and Review
    Jamuna is one of the renowned brands of our country. Our domestic brands always try to gives height facility within affordable budget to our country man. They are assembling TV, fridge, AC and more other appliance with modern technology. Jamuna re... English Bangla