Walton Rice Cooker ( Electric ) WRC-SGA180 (1.8L) price and reviews
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Walton Rice Cooker ( Electric ) WRC-SGA180 (1.8L) price and reviews

Walton Rice Cooker ( Electric ) WRC-SGA180 (1.8L) In the age of modern technology, life has become very simple with the bless of modern appliances. No matter where are you going you can make your food by the press of a button. Among the smart kitchen appliances rice cooker is an useful one. This is a all time using appliances with easy operating features. Along with elegant outlook and modern features rice cooker is capable of making your rice within a short time as well as provide an outstanding outlook to your kitchen too.
There are several appliances manufacturing companies are concentrating on making attractive rice cooker. In recent time Walton has introduced new double layer Walton Rice Cooker ( Electric ) WRC-SGA180 (1.8L).
Let’s have a look some of the basic features of this model at a glance.
-          This is a simple navy blue color model of rice cooker with silver color steam pot. So you can also get the benefits of steam as well.
-          There is a head cover of the steam top is given to keep the warm inside of the pot.
-          This is a easy user friendly model of rice cooker you just need to plug the rice cooker to make you rice ready after a certain time.
-          This is a control panel with power indication light is given. That will let will know about the running status of the machine.
-          This is an available model of rice cooker and Walton has several outlets all over the country. So you would easily have this model at your nearest appliances showrooms within affordable price.
-          Power connection cable is not lengthy enough to connect with the power connection line. It could have been better to have little bit extra connection wire.
Design and dimension
Walton Rice Cooker ( Electric ) WRC-SGA180 (1.8L) is an ordinary round shape model of rice cooker. This model has two pot. One for making rice and another for making steam. Total storage capacity of this model if 1.8 liters. This is good enough for a mini size family to cook there rice. This modern rice cooker has simple features. You just need to plug the appliance then it will automatically switch on the cooking mood with red light. After certain time rice will get ready and light will automatically went to the green mood. There is a power connection cable is given at the back side of the structure.
Available features of this model is given below
Warmer: this rice cooker model has ability to keep your rice warm enough till the time of eating. So you don’t need to be tens about keeping your rice warm enough to eat.
Food steamer: food steamer is allow you too keep the food steam up and keeps the test perfect to eat.
Non sticky coating: total body structure has covered with non sticky coating. So it could be easily clean up properly.
Transparent glass cover: transparent glass cover is given. You can easy see the steam and cook food.
Anti bacterial: you can remain tension free in terms of making your food safe to cook.
Electrical features
This is a regular model of rice cooker with normal electrical features. You can easily run this model with the normal voltage of 220V to 230V. in terms of power consumption this model does consume little bit extra power energy compare to normal appliance. This model consume 700 watts to run.
Price and availability
This is a smart appliance with smart features within affordable price. You can easily found this model at your nearest appliances showrooms of Walton. Price of Walton Rice Cooker ( Electric ) WRC-SGA180 (1.8L) is TK 2100 ( collected at 14/9/2018)

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