Honeywell Air cooler CLC151E-Price and Reviews
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Honeywell Air cooler CLC151E-Price and Reviews

Honeywell Air Cooler CL151E When it’s May-June of the year, then summer temperature is equally trouble in day and night. Fan is not enough for that drought. AC must be comfortable but not in rang for all. In this situation, An air cooler may be a solution of desire and feasible. During this summer Honeywell has introduced new Air cooler with maximum water storage capacity of 15 liters. Dimension of air cooler is small that allow to keep the air cooler easily at anywhere of your room comfortably.
Honeywell Air Cooler CL151E is a portable model made of attractive ash and black color combination durable plastic with smooth cooling mechanism to make sure cool air flow. In front of the structure, have vast size windows with auto oscillation system. Inside of this model has honeycombed cooling pad and fan supported with strong motors to run the process smoothly. This little model of air cooler is good enough to cover 130 Sq.ft areas to make cool and comfortable during summer. Moreover, have control panel top on the cooler, water level indicator and empty tank alarm. This is a portable model at the bottom of the structure has four wheels to move one place to another place.
Let’s have a look some of the basic features of this model at a glance
Honeycomb Cooling Media: more effective cooling media in terms of converting hot air into cool air. It suction heat from air, lock up it in a pocket. Pass the cool air by using fan.
Ice Chamber: To get more cooling air you can put ice cubes at ice box. Ice box is given beside the water storage tank. You just need to put the ice cube in the box before using air cooler.
Cooling features: Natural cooling function made of water and functioned by plastics fans and motors. Total water storage capacity of this model is 15 liters and has a water indicator. Indicator will show you the water level of water storage tank. If the tank become empty then alarm will be warn you. Its air flow function can blow air up to air flow rate 350 m3/h. Due to have automatic oscillation system you can get the feel of cool air from anywhere of your room.
Control panel: at the top of the head digital system control panel is given to manipulate the function according to the requirement. There are 3 speed is given to manipulate speed according to the function.
Auto louver Movement: At the front there is a plastic made big window with auto louver movement. It can ensure the flow of cool air in all directions.
Air Throwing Blower: Blower can produce high pressure airflow at high volumes and moves the air in a specific location. Ensure cool air flow to refresh your home environment.
Net Dust Filter: It suction dust from air. Rescue fresh air to passing throw. Keep healthy and clean your indoor environment.
Other features: It’s very tiny as shape. It’s dimension (391x371x686) mm. Weight is 8.7 kg. but it has huge amount of water storage capacity 15 litter. For this reason, you can install it at any corner of your house or in narrow space. You can control it by using remote. But, one thing that, try to avoid using cooler rain or humid time.
Honeywell Air Cooler CL151E is a simple but modern featuring electrical model run with normal power supply of 230v and consumes only 126 watts. So at the end of the month you may remain tension free in terms of electricity bill. So, It’s features clearly explain that you can enjoy a modern featuring Air cooler in your budget. Enjoy summer festive with Honeywell.
Price and availability
Honeywell Air Cooler CL151E is dual ton black and Ashe color combination personal air cooler model with easy operating features. You could easily have this model at your nearest electrical appliances showrooms within affordable price. Price of Honeywell Air Cooler CL151E is 8400TK.

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