Walton Washing Machine WWM-K125

Walton Washing Machine WWM-K125

Walton Washing Machine WWM-K125
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Walton Washing Machine WWM-K125
Model No: WWM-K125

Price: Tk 29500.00

Views: 1496 times.
Updated on: 2019-01-13
Price Updated on: 2019-01-01
ID: 10845

Category: Washing Machine
Brand: Walton
Showroom Address: Click here

Product Description
- One Machine with two wash chambers
- Rust free intelligent drum
- High efficient pulsator with advance 3D motion
- Economical quick wash
- Elegant wrinkle free wash
- Advance fuzzy control for automatic wash
- User friendly Automatic IMD control panel
- Soft closing tempered glass
- Effective lint filter
- Error message indication and alarm system
Capacity (Kg)  12.5 Kg
 Voltage/Frequency    220V/50Hz
 Wash power (W)  410W
 Spin power (W)  410W
 Motor Rating (W)  190W
 Spin speed (RPM)  750
 Capacitor(µF)  15µF
 Net Dimensions (mm)  580, 600, 1070
 Packing Dimensions (mm)  665,665, 1120
 Inner Dimensions (mm)  485, 460
 M3  0.080
 Net weight/Gross(Kg)  41/46 Kg
 Material Description:
 Cabinet Material  PCM
 Inner Tub Material  Stainless steel
 Panel  IMD
 Lid material  Tempered Glass + Damping
 Motor material  Copper
 Control type  Computer control
 No. of Programs  8
 No. of buttons  6
 Preset 1-24 hours  Yes
 Fuzzy logic  Yes
 Child Lock  Yes
 Digital time/LED Display  Yes
 Soak Wash  Yes
 Air Dry  Yes
 Water level control  Electronic water level
 Water level selection  8
 Tub clean  Yes
 Low Noise  Yes
 Automatic power supply cut off  Yes
 Automatic imbalance correction  Yes
 Automatic fault checking  Yes
 Rat mesh  Yes
 Adjustable foot  Yes
 Water Recycle  Yes


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