Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-252

Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-252

Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-252
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Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-252
Model No: TFX-252

Price: Tk 27300.00

Views: 1359 times.
Updated on: 2017-06-15
ID: 6464

Category: Freezer
Brand: Transtec
Showroom Address: Click here

Product Description
Products specifications Warranty Information & Policy • 8 Years Compressor Warranty • 1 Year ; • 2 Years Freezer Feature - Gross capacity(L) – 252 - Handle - Yes - Lock/Key - Yes - Light - Yes - Temperature - ≤-18 - Climate - ST - Refrigerant - R600a - Basket/Shelf QTY - Wire - Approval/Certificate - CE,ERP,CB • Refrigerator Type Chest Freezer Color Dimension - Net Dimension W*D*H(MM) - 950*604*845 - Packing Dimension W*D*H(MM) - 982*660*880 - Weight(kg) - 37/42

  • 2017-07-11
    Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-252 Due to have wide space as well as fast cooling ability demand of chest freezer is increasing day by day. There are several home and kitchen appliances manufacturing companies are producing modern feature base model of chest freezer within affordable price. During this Eid occasion Transtec has introduced Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-252 new box shape model of chest freezer with maximum storage capacity of   252 liters. This is a water blue color model with stainless still made body.Some of the key features of this model are gi... more

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