Bushra Moving Room Heater ACB-11

Bushra Moving Room Heater ACB-11

Bushra Moving Room Heater ACB-11
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Bushra Moving Room Heater ACB-11
Model No: ACB-11

Price: Tk 1750.00

Views: 271 times.
Updated on: 2018-12-31
Price Updated on: 2018-12-24
ID: 10820

Category: Room Heater
Brand: Non Brand
Showroom Address: Click here

Product Description

Product Details: 

Bushra Moving Room Heater
Model: ACB-11
Power: 2000W
Product type: Room heater
Heat settings: 2
Cool-touch housing: Yes
Carrying handle: Yes
Thermostat: Yes
Safety switch: Safety cut-off
Thermal cutoff device: Yes
Color: White (As given picture).

  • 2018-12-31
    Bushra Moving Room Heater ACB-11 price and reviewsDuring the chilly winter room heater is one of the necessary appliance. Due to have easy operating features and light weight to move from one place to another demand of room heater is increasing day by day. Among the several appliances brands Bushra is a new one but have adequate easy operating features to keep your room warm during chilly winter as well as provide nice decorative outlook too your room too. In recent time they have introduced new Bushra Moving Room Heater ACB-11 with futuristic features. This is ... more

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