Walton - Brand of Bangladesh
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Walton - Brand of Bangladesh

Walton BangladeshWhenever we think about our brand one name is always come first and the name is Walton. Walton is one of the biggest and popular brand of Bangladesh. In the year 1977, Mr. S.M Nurul Alam Rezvi founder of Walton had started their journey by starting as a trading company and in late 1970s Walton entered into the steel industry. Day by day Walton has extended their business in large scale and now after three decades the group diversified into textiles, electronics and motor vehicles. Since the 2000s Walton has expanded towards electronics and automobiles and these became its most important sources of income.

Walton pursues its 21st century’s vision of becoming a true universal digital brand through innovative design, latest technology and maximum customer satisfaction. Walton sets its vision to take a place among the topmost electrical, electronic, home appliance, automobile, and telecommunication companies of the world by 2020. They have been exporting their products in almost twenty countries and Walton is highly committed to increase the number of exporting country. They have been rewarded nationally and internationally for their contribution to the global market.

Home and Kitchen appliance such as air conditioner, refrigerator, LED television, DVD player etc were known as the products of rich family but Walton made it possible for the all classes people to enjoy the blessing of modern technology. They are producing quality product and selling their products within reasonable price.

There are several home and kitchen appliance are available of Walton few of them are given below.

Refrigerator & Freezer
Walton refrigerator and freezer is the right Combination of size, style, space along with reasonable price and at the same time energy saving. Walton Refrigerator & Freezer will keep your food fresh and It will ensure you least noise & maximum storage space. So experience the better performance with excellent cooling effect.

There are various model of Walton Refrigerator & Freezer are available in the market you can choose your one according to your demand.

Air Conditioner
In the time of summer it is quite difficult for us to stay cool because of the high temperature. So we need cooling machine that means air conditioner. So Walton has introduced their own brand in the local market as well as to the foreign market. Walton Air conditioner keep your space cool as you want. It has 100% copper tube, Deodorize filter and it has ability to instantly adjust the room temperature and most importantly you can get this excellent indigenous Walton Air conditioner in your budget.

Most recognized entertaining medium of the World today is television. Nowadays we have seen several types of television such as LCD,LED and new addition smart television. All those television has their unique features and generally produced by foreign companies like Sony, LG etc but now we are proud to say that all those modern television are benign producing in our country. Walton made it possible. They have been producing world class television by using high technology. So We can enjoy this magical medium within your budget.

There are many existing problem in our country. Load shedding is one of them. So we face lots of problem in our office, in business especially in the production factories. To solve this mega problem Walton has made a reliable power supplier machine known as Walton generator. It will keep you tension free in the time of lack of energy supply.

There are two types of generator available of Walton brand
1. Diesel Generator: this type of generator is run by Diesel.
2. Gasoline generator: you ran this by gasoline.

Walton Mobile phone
Most famous and popular word of the current World is mobile. That has provided new dimension to our daily life. Without mobile we can not think our daily life. We can define mobile as a mini world.

Though communication is the main motive of using mobile but rather than talk with others with the help of mobile we can play game, enjoy music, watching movie, browsing Internet and more then that. There are numerous types of mobile are available in the market and lots of coming.

Walton also in this market and they have been producing mobile phone with new features along with modern technology. you can also found Walpad and mobile accessories of Walton. Walton mobile is very popular in our country few popular model is Walton Primo Z, Walton Primo ZX, Walton Primo X3 etc.

Home Appliances
Home appliance helps you to decorate your home that you dream. It includes all the tools or machine that we need in our daily family life. Home appliances help us to do our daily work in more perfect way and it also save our valuable time for example before invention of washing machine people used to wash their cloths by hand but now you can use machine to wash you cloths more efficiently and within short time. Flowing that we have many home appliance that help us in our daily work. Walton has almost every home appliance as well as kitchen appliance to help you in your daily chores. They have producing excellent product with better quality along with providing warranty of almost every product. Main features about Walton are you will get better quality with reasonable price.

In the year 2000, Walton has extended their business in Automobile sector. They are the first two wheeler manufacturer of Bangladesh. Motorbike generally imported in our country by various company. As a result it added extra cost with original price such as transport cost, import duty etc and finally price of the bike become high which create problem for the middle class or other class people to buy their favorite one. But Walton made it possible for all class people to enjoy the rid of the motorbike. They have been manufacturing stylist bike with reasonable price. There are various popular model available in the market among them Walton fusion, Walton Ranger etc.

Finally we can say that we are proud of WALTON.

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