Types of freezers
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Types of freezers

Deep FreezersScience and technology has made incredible change in our daily life by precious invention. One of the priceless innovations of modern technology is freezer. It is a popular and necessity kitchen appliance of the world. People always thought about storing their food for long timebut it was quite impossible for them. At the time people get knowledge about storing food with the help of ice. Day by day researcher worked hard and in the mid-1750s artificial refrigeration began and developed in the early 1800s. In 1834, the first working vapor-compression refrigeration system was built. The first commercial ice-making machine was invented in 1854. In 1913, refrigerators for home use were invented. Freezer has made the dream true. Now, we can easily store our food for long time and most importantly it keeps food fresh and testy. Rather than that we can made our favorite Ice cream as well as several ice drinks. Freezer has more cooling capacity compare to refrigerator and it is mainly used for storing meat and fish. There are various types of freezer are available with several features. Details about the types of freezer are given below. Mainly freezer can be divided in two categories. - Chest Freezers and - Upright Freezers Chest freezer It is a very common type of freezer that we have generally seen in our daily kitchen. Generally we used this type of freezer for storing meat and fish for long time. Heavy cooling capacity helps to store food for long time. Chest freezer model has few advantages as well as disadvantages both are discussed in below. Advantages of chest freezer Main advantage of chest freezer is its low price. We can easily get a same storage capacity freezer at half of the price of same storage volume refrigerator. Not only that running cost of chest freezer is low compare to the upright freezer beside that it can hold cold air for long time because cold air is heavier than warm air so the cold air tends to stay in a chest freezer. As a result cold air does not come out rapidly like upright freezer. Disadvantages of chest freezer Most of the time size of the chest freezer becomes the main disadvantage. You may not have enough space in your kitchen so it makes difficulties. Another major negatives side of this type is difficult to get to food stored at the bottom of the freezer. For this reason you cannot get food quickly as you want. We also have to remember that chest freezers are always stand alone and are not sold as part of a fridge freezer combination. Tips for buying chest freezer: you can choice drawer system chest freezer that will help you to get you food easily. Upright freezer Another type of freezer is upright. It is can also store meat and fish for long time but very much popular for storing drinks. Upright freezer generally we have seen in fast food store or confectionery store. There are three types of upright freezer are available in the market. - Side-by-side upright fridge-freezer: This model is very much popular in America and also called American style freezer.Main feature of this model is you can open its door in both right and left side. - Stacked upright fridge-freezer: Total freezer is divided in two parts and most importantly you can open upper portion or lower portion separately as your requirement unlike others model of upright freezer. - Stand-alone upright fridge-freezer: One of the popular models of upright freezers is Stand-alone. It has big size boxes and nice finishing door. Outlook of this model is awesome. Advantages and disadvantages of upright freezer are given below. Advantages of upright freezers Compare to chest freezer model main advantage of upright freezer is it’s save floor space. You can easily keep it in your kitchen following that storage system of upright model is better than chest freezer. The reason is that it has drawer or self to store your food nicely. Beside that you do not need to band in terms of getting you food like chest freezer. Disadvantages of upright freezers Firstly cost of this model is slightly high compare to chest freezer. Secondly running cost is also high then chest freezer because when the door is opened, cold air rushes out. So you have to keep your freezer in on mode to get better service. Tips for buying upright freezer: Be careful in the time of opening the door it will lose less cold air. Finally select your freezer that you like beat. Be happy and enjoy the blessing of modern technology.

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