Laaibah Ruti Maker
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Laaibah Ruti Maker

Laaibah Ruti Maker One of the common and popular foods of the world is bread that made of flour. In Bangla we knew this popular and healthy food as a Ruti. We cannot think about our breakfast without this healthy food but making process of this food is little bit hard unlike other food and at the same time lengthy. To make 10 to 12 Ruti needs at list 20 to 30 munities which is lengthy compare to other food making process. In the age of modern science we are almost depended on machine. we have different types of home and kitchen appliance that made our life easy and convenient. We know that Ruti maker is one of the popular kitchen appliances in foreign as we as in our country. This machine helps lot to our cook in their cooking time. Though you can found several foreign branded Ruti makers in the market but now you can found our won branded Ruti maker known as Laaibah Ruti maker. Humayun Kabir, a youth of magura, is the founder of this magical Ruti maker. In the year 2011, he invented this Ruri maker Laaibah Ruti maker named his daughter name Laaibah. At the initial stage, I started producing Ruti experimentally. Now I have set up a small factory to reduce the cost. I myself started marketing the tools, he said. Why this Ruti maker is difference from others? This wonderful Ruti maker is made of woodwhich is very much Eco friendly and provide a natural test and flavor of the Ruti like handmade Ruti. On the other side we have several famous branded Ruti maker but they are not Eco friendly like Laaibha Ruti maker because they used metal equipment and electricity to make Ruti which cannot give the natural flavor and test. It is also consider as a power saving machine. Laaibah Ruti maker does not required electricity to give a shape to a Ruti but an electrical Ruti make cannot work without power supply. Laaibah Ruti maker only takes one minute to make 10 to 15 Ruti as thin as paper size and different shape. Another interesting and special feature of this machine is you can make different types of local and foreign Ruti. You can make boiled ataa Ruti, flower ruti, boliled powder rice Ruti, vegetables ruti, Delhi karuti, egg parata, kimaparata etc. Talk of inventor Mr. Humayun Kabir Mr. Humayun Kabir said, though my machine does not bake Ruti, it gives the real taste. The machine can last for 20 to 30 years, does not cost electricity and is completely safe. He also said there are three types of Ruti maker available and price of Ruti maker range in between TK 4000 to TK 6500. According to his calculation price of this magical Ruti maker will be reduce if commercially production started. Now demand of this Ruti maker is Hugh and some customer paid in advance as booking money. It is quite impossible for a man to carry this project alone. So it is the duty of our government to support this type of invention project. We are proud of Mr. HumayunKabir inventor of .Laaibha Ruti maker. Please visit website

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