Hitachi Refrigerator R-T320 Price and Reviews
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Hitachi Refrigerator R-T320 Price and Reviews

Hitachi RefrigeratorAccording to the reputation of Hitachi they have brings latest technology base R-T320 model refrigerator. Along with latest technology price of this wonderful model is also reasonable. Price of this attractive color refrigerator model is TK 66000 only. Details about the features of this model are given below. Convertible compartment: compartment become smarter it works as 2 in 1 model. According to the requirement you could easily convert your refrigerator compartment into freezer as well as freezer to refrigerator by increasing or decreasing the temperature of the compartment. Storage capacity: Total storage capacity of this supper model is 225 liters. Unlike ordinary model it has been divided into three sections. All three sections have latest features of storing. Refrigerator compartment is consisted of multiple food grad tempers glass shelves following that side out chili case for making ice in addition has big size water dispenser. In terms of cooling capacity, it has extra ordinary minus zero degree cooling capacity. So it will keep your food fresh and rotten free in the high temperature condition. In terms of refrigerator you can easily store your daily food smoothly. In the freezer compartment has comparably low storing space then refrigerator but has movable twist Ice tray and temped glass shelf. In addition has front jet cooling system and automatic ice making system. With the help of front jet cooling, along with side cool air also come through front door that provides extra coolness to the cavity and keep the food fresh for long time. Automatic Ice maker is an extraordinary innovation of modern science. Ice maker collect his require water from the cavity and make Ice itself. Vegetable compartment: this is a new addition of the refrigerator. Big size vegetable storing compartment and 2 way humidity controller helps to keep the vegetable safely along with real aroma and nutrition. General features of this model are also different from the ordinary model. It includes following features. Electronic control: you can easily control the total function of this model by pressing a button. Eco thermo sensor: that has made the refrigerator smarter. it has the ability to cope up with the environment. If it is too hot outside the room it will automatically decrease the tempera tor of the cavity or it is cool outside the room then it will increase the temperature. As a result it will safe your food and also save your money by reducing electricity bill. Nano technology: One of the common and important features of the modern day’s refrigerator is Nano technology. It does work as anti-bacterial of the food. Nano technology is the responsible for keeping your food fresh with real test for long time. In terms of availability it is a renounce brand all over the world so you could easily find this model in your nearest home and kitchen appliance showroom. According to me it is a fantastic refrigerator model to have in the house within reasonable price.

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