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  • Jamuna Freezer JE 220 DEEP
    Jamuna Freezer JE 220 DEEP
    Tk 24,300.00
    Model JE 220 DEEP
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  • Jamuna Freezer JE 180 DEEP
    Jamuna Freezer JE 180 DEEP
    Tk 22,500.00
    Model JE 180 DEEP
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  • Jamuna Freezer JE 150 DEEP
    Jamuna Freezer JE 150 DEEP
    Tk 21,100.00
    Model JE 150 DEEP
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  • Jamuna Steam Iron USI 2011
    Jamuna Steam Iron USI 2011
    Tk 1,500.00
    Model USI 2011
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  • Jamuna Dry Iron USI 036A
    Jamuna Dry Iron USI 036A
    Tk 800.00
    Model USI 036A
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  • Hitachi Iron SI 1650
    Hitachi Iron SI 1650
    Tk 2,935.00
    Model SI 1650
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  • Hitachi Iron DI-890
    Hitachi Iron DI-890
    Tk 2,317.00
    Model DI-890
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  • Philips Multi Cooker HD4728
    Philips Multi Cooker HD4728
    Tk 4,900.00
    Model HD4728
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    Walton, top domestic brand of the Bangladeshi home and kitchen appliances market, has set record target of selling 1.5 Million’s refrigerator during this season. Top management of Walton is very much committed to achieve this challenging goal. They have set up their planning to increase 50 percent GDP and according to the last six’s month data, they have already sold more than .5 milli... more
  • Difference between Yama Air Cooler 11B and of Symphony Air cooler HICOOL SMART I
    One of the appliances that has been using in summer is air cooler. Most natural way to keep the environment comfortable without costing too much as an electricity at the end of the month is having air cooler. Unlike air conditioner you can get better service from this appliance by keep the door and windows open. There are several manufacturing brand are available in the market with convenience fea... more
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  • Jamuna Refrigerator JR UES627800CD
    Jamuna Refrigerator JR UES627800CD Among the top domestic brands in Bangladesh, Jamuna is one of the promising one. They are not only concentrating on the technology but also improvising outlook and design. In this Eid, they have launched attractive graphical design b... more
  • Jamuna Refrigerator JR UES624900CD Price and Reviews
    Jamuna Refrigerator JR UES624900CD Nowadays appliances are not only performing the duty of keeping the food fresh and healthier to eat but also expressing the status to the society. Therefore manufactures are also concentrating on outlook alongside introducing modern ... more