7 Effective tips to keep the kitchen tidy and odor free


The whole house is very nicely arranged, but when you enter the kitchen, you can see that everything is messed up! If this is the busiest place in the house is not clean, then how it would be nice to work? From making morning tea to preparing dinner, the number of visits to the kitchen is uncountable. However, there seems to be a lack of interest in keeping this place clean. Many people do not know the tips on how to keep the kitchen clean. In today's article We will share some tips to keep the kitchen clean and odor free.


Keep the sink and basin shiny

A sink or basin can get jammed after a day of washing. It has the potential to spread foul odors. At the end of the work, if possible, pour hot water into the sink. Do not use very hot water. This may damage the plastic pipe. However, using hot water tolerable for plastic will fix any pipe jam for any reason. Finally, clean the entire sink with liquid soap or vinegar mixed with water. Add lemon juice and a few slices of lemon to the sink with vinegar to reduce oiliness. After 10 minutes, scrub and wash off. This will restore the shine of the sink.

Clean the kitchen slab

Spices or curry may fall on the stove and slab during everyday cooking. Once this stain is set, it is very difficult to remove. Moreover, the slab also becomes oily. So clean the stove and slab every time after cooking. To clean, mix dishwashing liquid soap and a teaspoon of salt in warm water. Wipe the area around the stove with a wet cloth and after cleaning the slab, wipe thoroughly with another dry cloth.

Remove the musty smell

A bit of musty smell naturally permeates the kitchen when fish is cut. In this case, first fill the fish scales and other garbage with polythene and close the mouth and then put it in the garbage basket. You can spread old newspaper or polythene while cutting fish. This will reduce the chances of the floor getting dirty. If the smell spreads in the kitchen after cutting fish and meat, put some cinnamon in water and boil it. It will reduce the smell of the house. You can also use air freshener if you want.


Keep the oven clean

Many are now using microwaves to reduce the hassle of cooking. However, if the oven is not properly cleaned after use, the spilled food may smell bad in a short time. So the oven should be kept clean regularly. Mix vinegar or lemon juice in a bowl of water and heat it in the oven for one minute. This will spread the hot water vapor throughout the oven. Afterward wiping with a dry cloth will clean the oven.

Keep the kitchen shiny

After cleaning the stainless steel sink in the kitchen, you can wipe the sink with some olive oil or coconut on a cloth. You can also follow this method if you want to keep any kitchen utensil shiny. If you want to keep the shine of wooden items, sprinkle some salt and rub it lightly with a little lemon juice. Everything in the kitchen will stay shiny when it is clean.

Clean the wall tiles

Baking soda and lemon are very effective for cleaning oily tiles around the stove. Make a paste of baking soda and mix it with lemon juice. Then apply the paste on the stains on the tiles. It should be cleaned after a while. By doing this, the oily feeling and stains of the tiles will be removed in no time.

Do not retain anything

Be it old frying oil or dirty dishes, no kitchen work should be stored. Try to wash heavy dishes with at least some water. Then wash with soap at your convenience. Also, set aside 20-25 minutes daily for cleaning the area around the sink and stove. These places are used a lot, so stains can easily settle. So it is better to clean these places daily.


How to keep kitchen cabinets clean?

Who doesn't like to see the kitchen tidy and clean? For this, everything including the kitchen cabinets should be kept clean as much as possible. Be it kitchen cabinets or common shelves, try to clean them once a day. Places where cooking utensils are kept daily or cabinets that need to be opened daily should be cleaned regularly. If the kitchen cabinet is closed for a long time, cockroaches and any other insects can nest in it. Try to clean the cabinets at least twice a month. If the kitchen cabinets are painted, baking soda is most effective in removing stains. Make a paste by mixing baking soda and water in a bowl. Now put the paste on the stain and wipe it with a cotton cloth. Make sure that the cotton cloth you use for the wooden cabinet is not too wet. This can damage the wood. If there is glass in the cabinet, use a glass cleaner on a cotton cloth to clean both inside and outside. As much as the cabinets add to the beauty of the kitchen, they also look bad if they are not kept clean. So whether it is wooden or glass cabinet, it is important to keep it clean regularly.

Here are some effective tips to keep the kitchen clean and odor free. A tidy kitchen is as much fun to work in as it is healthy. So try to work in a healthy environment. Stay well everyone, stay healthy.

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