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Walton News
  • Walton Fan W17OA W17OA-EM-MS has price and review
    Walton Fan W17OA-EM-MS fan is one of the popular rechargeable fan models of Walton brand. Most of the features of rechargeable fan are same. W17OA-EM-MS is a great combination of modern features and reasonable price.  Structure- Walton Fan W17OA W17OA-EM-MS is a white and a... English Bangla
  • Walton Multi Cooker is now discount offers
    Walton Multi Cooker is now available at an attractive discount offer under the title Perfect Cooking Perfect Solution. Now you can get 10% discount on online multi cooker purchase from Walton e-Plaza and up to 5% discount on EMI (maximum 6 months). Features of mul... English Bangla
  • Let the love room stay warm with Walton room heater
    The message of the arrival of winter has arrived. And that is you are getting 10% discount on online purchase of room heaters from Walton E-Plaza and up to 5% discount on EMI (maximum 6 months). Features of Room Heater –             - Double Heatin... English Bangla
  • Up to 50% guaranteed discount on Walton TV!
    Now the local brand Walton TV is giving up to 50% guaranteed discount! Now, if you buy any model of Walton television and register digitally, you will get this guaranteed discount. Walton TV, a domestic brand rich in modern models and features, is no less than a ... English Bangla
  • Walton AC Exchange offer
    Stay home, stay safe. Keep your family well. To make your promise stronger that stay home, Walton Bangladesh providing online shopping for you. Also have AC exchange offer and discount. Demand of AC will be increasing day by day with attempt of summer. If you want... English Bangla
Walton Reviews
  • Walton Fan W17OA-AS has price and review
    During summer some appliance are cover the appliance market rapidly. Rechargeable fan is one of the important appliances for summer. A rechargeable fan can gives you more relax and rescue from sweating in load shading. To use it no need for alternative connection or huge arrangement... English Bangla
  • Walton Fan WRTF14A Price and Review
    Rechargeable fan will be demanding soon. When load shading will be regular problem and instant power supply is not affordable for all. Bachelor or single life is more economy type. For bachelor life or family rechargeable fan is most useful according demand. Walton Fan WRTF14A is a m... English Bangla
  • Walton Rice Cooker WRC-SGA20 Price and Review
    The modern time rice cookers are able for rice and curry cooking. Outer pot made by Strong stainless steels, durable inner pot with net cover. A transparent glass lid replaces the heavy lid. Walton Rice Cooker WRC-SGA20 is a model of rice cooker. It is an applianc... English Bangla
  • Walton Geyser WWH-WH35L price and review
    Geyser is an easy solution for hot water during shower time. Keep your bathroom geyser full to get water during bath time properly. Otherwise you will have to wait for a while. Walton Geyser WWH-WH35L is a durable model of geyser. Outlook- Walton Geyser WWH-WH35L is a drum shap... English Bangla
  • Walton Rice Cooker WRC-8T28 (2.8L) Price and Review
    To cook rice and steam food need a durable model of rice cooker. Our domestic brand Walton provides from manual to modern models of rice cooker. Walton Rice Cooker WRC-8T28 (2.8L) is a basic featured model of rice cooker. You can use it for everyday cooking randomly. F... English Bangla