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Vision News
  • Vision Discount Offer
    After ending summer, winter just knocking door. In this season changing time a discount offer brought to you by Vision. Vision is one of home appliance brand in Bangladesh.  They provides quality full Freezer,  LED TV, Oven, AC, rice cooker, etc. Ending sum... English Bangla
  • Vision room heater price in Bangladesh 2018
    After summer, winter is the longest session in our country. During this chilly winter every one wants to get the touch of warm. In recent time there are several room heater are available in the market with futuristic features. This attractive out looking model is capable of keeping your room warm enough during winter. There are se... English
  • Vision Modern Refrigerator 2017
    Vision is one of the rising home and kitchen appliances brand in Bangladesh. Along with stylish outlook and modern cooling features vision has been providing eco friendly refrigerator within affordable price. They have several outlets all over the country. So you would easily have this model at your nearest Vision outlet.   Besides, regular refrigerator model vision has been introducing doub... English
  • Mega Discount on Vision Air Conditioner
    In this hot and humid summer, what could be more comfortable than setting at air conditioner room? Along with rising temperature demand of air conditioner is increasing day by day. To meet up this huge rising demand domestic and international appliances manufacturer are lunching futuristic features base air conditioner within affordable price.Among the domestic brands of air conditioner, vision is... English
  • Difference between Walton WI S45 and Vision 75 Induction Cooker
    No doubt that induction cooker has made daily cooking more convenient and safe than before. This plug and play electric cooking appliance has become part and parcel of modern kitchen. Along with attractive outlook and cinch features of operating has been providing the pleasure of smoke free cooking within short time. Appliances manufacturer are introducing futuristic features base model of inducti... English
Vision Reviews
  • Vision Room Heater Deluxe Price and Reviews
    Winter touch is already reached to weather. Outside environment getting change by fog end cool breeze after evening.To keeps warm room temperature need room heater. Room heater not only keeps warm room but also keeps safe from winter explosiongerm. You can buy reasonable price... English Bangla
  • Sharp television LC-40SA5500X price and reviews
    Sharp television LC-40SA5500X is one of the smart and modern featured televisions from update TV models. This TV is wifi built-in will show your favorite movie or video from internet. Video quality and other features are given below-Shape- 40 inch or 101.6 cm. screen of Sh... English Bangla
  • Vision Twine Tub Washing Machine E08 Price and review
    Technology is now humans door to door. You can take the advantage of technology by your choice and need. Using of latest technology always not mean the advance. Rather use technology according your need and demand is the mean of consciousne... English Bangla
  • Vision Automatic Washing Machine M11 price and review
    Most of the people start to do house hold chores without helping hand. Washing clothes are most challenging between all kinds of house task. For this reason washing machine demands are increase. Besides of many foreign brands our domestics... English Bangla
  • Vision Selling Fan Royal price and review
    Almost 70% people of our country are depends on selling fan on this acute summer. A good qualities selling fan provides service for long time in affordable price. It can active in low voltage. Vision Selling Fan Royal- is a model of Vision group. Deta... English Bangla