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  • Discount offer in TRANSTEC TV
    এখন আমরা অর্থনৈতিক মন্দা সময় পার করছি।করোনা-র প্রভাবে হঠাৎ জীবন যাত্রা সব থেমে গেছে।কিন্তু, মানুষের ... English Bangla
Transtec Reviews
  • Transtec Top Mount Refrigerator TRS-240G Price and Reviews
    Transtec Top Mount Refrigerator TRS-240GOne of the renowned appliances brand Transtech has introduced new model of  Top Mount Refrigerator TRS-240G with elegant outlook and dimension. This is an ordinary tower shape model of refrigerator with maximum stora... English
  • Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-252 price and reviews
    Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-252 Due to have wide space as well as fast cooling ability demand of chest freezer is increasing day by day. There are several home and kitchen appliances manufacturing companies are producing modern feature base model of chest freezer within a... English
  • Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-100 price and reviews
    Transtec Chest Freezer TFX-100Appliances that make our life easy, among them refrigerator has become part and parcel of our daily life. Along with ordinary refrigerator day by day demand of freezer is increasing rapidly due to have extra cooling ability as well as specia... English