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  • Eid-double Anando Offer
    SINGER declared Eid-double dhamakaanando offer for respective Eid-ul-Azha. In this offer buy SINGER side by side frieze, direct cool fridge or SINGER deep fridge and get many gifts options. Offer in details- In purchase ... English Bangla
  • Transcom digital Summer Special Offer on AC
    Transcom digital brought a great opportunity to buy an AC in fair price in this summer. You can buy Daikin Premium Inverter Slipt Air Cooler at 9,720 Taka discount! Also have some offer from brand-    Regular price of Daikin Premium Inverter Slipt Air Co... English Bangla
  • Regal Wooden Bed BDH-354-3-1-20 Price and review
    When you are shifted at a new home, then your first basic need is to set a bed. Need of a bed at home is indescribable. Regal is one of the furniture brands of our country. Looks light, strong and smart designed furniture which are basic for home décor and s... English Bangla
  • Transcom AC Discount
    Is modern technology, power saver and well known branded AC now available in discount price? Is it unbelievable!! To feel your dream in this summer Transcom digital brought to you a discount offer on AC. Discount are available in top selling AC. Offers in details- Up to 20% discount on selling AC. This of... English Bangla
  • Sony Rangs Big bold sale offer
    Rangs electronics brought big bolt seal offer to their huge customers. TV, Frizzier and AC are consisting in this seal. You can buy Rangs and kelvinator refrigerator in this discount price. Specialty of those frizzier ares-  Hi... English Bangla
  • Rangs Mega offer
    Are you finding path to get rid from horrible of hot weather? Do you ever thing about portable AC? It’s not so high in price; you can buy a portable AC or air cooler at your pocket budget. To make this easy solution more easy Rangs electronics brought to you a sp... English Bangla
  • Haier eBuy Eid Uthshab
    World famous home appliance brand Haier brought an online seal in this Edul-Azha! Lucrative offers are included here. Buy refrigerator, TV, frizzier, washing machine etc of Haire and win these- Cash voucher- that has 10% discount. You... English Bangla
  • SINGEREid-ul-Azha 2020 Offer
    SINGER brought to you discount all over SINGER refrigerator or frizzier in this Eid-ul-Azha’2020.You can buy according your choice in fair price.You can also change you old refrigerator with new. Frizzier, refrigerator are included in this offer. Details- ... English Bangla
  • Vision room heater price in Bangladesh 2018
    After summer, winter is the longest session in our country. During this chilly winter every one wants to get the touch of warm. In recent time there are several room heater are available in the market with futuristic features. This attractive out looking model is capable of keeping your room warm enough during winter. There are se... English
  • Singer Chest Freezer BD-157-GL-DR price and reviews
    Singer Chest Freezer BD-157-GL-DRAlongside refrigerator demand of chest freezer also know as deep freezer is increasing day by day. Due to have separate storage system it allow the user to keep their food more safely with real aroma and test. The entire chest freezer m... English
  • Walton WRC PAPE22 price and features
    In our country, rice is our main food. Cooking rice is not very tough or not easy too. If the process of rice cooking is not properly done than you could not have eatable rice at your meal time.  Rice cooker has made all these... English Bangla
  • Walton Refrigerator WNM-1N5-RXXX-RP Price and Review
    For reasonable price and better service Walton refrigerator is top of the list.Walton WNM-1N5-RXXX-RPis a non-frost refrigerator model. It is a regular model of refrigerator with frizzier and refrigerator combination. Features-Capacity of Walton WNM-1N5-RXXX-RPis 167 litters. Its climate type is N~T. RSCR compressor is used in this model. Temperature maintains system is mechanical. Automatic defr... English Bangla
  • Walton Fan WCF5604WR price and review
    During this limitless summer selling fan is one and only easy solution for all class of people. This type of fan is comfortably useful for home or office. AC is not the easy solution for all environments. But, selling fan is provides services from begging to end of the summer. Thi... English Bangla
  • Minister Freezer M-235 blue price and review
    Chest Freezer is one of the important home appliances. To keeps frozen food for longer storage and storage huge amount need deep frizzier. In busy life people depends on deep frizzier. Because of, not only raw food but also cooked fo... English Bangla
  • Gree split type air conditioner GS18LM410 (1.5 TON) price and review
    Gree is a well-known brand for AC. Several types of models are available in market with different features and different prices of Gree  AC. When price is hike then features are modern. Gree split type air conditioner GS18LM410 (1.5 TON) is a smart feature... English Bangla
  • KONKA KFLRC-50-90W rice cooker price and review
    Some specific model of rice cooker is now very popular. Glass lid rice cookers are easy to use, cooking friendly for several types of dishes. KONKA KFLRC-50-90W rice cooker is a such kind of comfortable type of rice cooker. Structure- KONKA KFLRC-50-90W  rice cooker... English Bangla
  • Eco+ 195 litter glass door refrigerator black circle price and review
    Eco+ brought several type of regular refrigerator model by following time demand. Eco+ 195 litter glass door refrigerator black circle is one of them. This refrigerators door is made by glass and golden dot circle... English Bangla
  • Gree Portable Air Cooler KSWK-2001DGL price and review
    An air cooler can gives you the cool air flow all over the room during horrible summer. Air cooler is such kind of home appliance that only useful in summer. It will feel up your room with chill air. It is not AC but service like fan cum AC. Limitations is you cann... English Bangla
  • Eco+ 217 Liter No Frost Refrigerator price and review
    Eco+ brand brought some kinds of refrigerator models in market. Generally we are used general type of refrigerator at home or office. This type of refrigerator has naturally two compartments. One is normal refrigerator and another is frizzier compartment. Eco+ 21... English Bangla
  • Minister KettleMI-EKY15 1.2L price and review
    Boiling water is essential for everyday cooking and various daily activities. Use of electric kettle is quiet popular for rapid water boiling. You can easily boil water without huge preparation at your office or home. Just plug into a safe electric supply line. Minister ... English Bangla