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Walton Water Heater (Geyser) WIWH-C45A08 Price and Review
2020-01-26 Views: 446

Walton Water Heater (Geyser) WIWH-C45A08 Price and Review

In winter season take a bath is likely hike a mountain. We are people of Tropical country. Winter debilitated us more. Normal life work becomes very difficult. In this situation shower is compulsory but painful task. To boil water there are several way. But for always hot water arrangement in bathroom geyser is only one solution to be fresh or take a bath.
Better qualities product always keep good price. But being our domestic product Walton provides quality full product in reasonable price. Walton brought several model of geyser in market. Walton Water Heater (Geyser) WIWH-C45A08 is a water heater model.
Features- It is mini in size but effective model. Bronzed color mini water heater. It can boil water within 3 seconds. It has memory function, so that set up your preferable temperature and gets consistently comfortable hot water. To control this device has touch screen key pattern. You can raise or reduce temperature. Flow of hot water temperature is highest 55°C. Turbine flow sensor control the steady water flow. Control the wastage of water. Keep consistently hot temperature of water. Don’t let it cool. It has over heat protection that keeps cool the outer surface of the geyser body; don’t let it turn into hot like water boiling into the geyser. Its installation process is very easy. No need a large space to install this model. Necessary accessories for installation are included in packet.
Electric features- To install Walton Water Heater (Geyser) WIWH-C45A08 model you can use 220-240 volt home power supply line. For own security it’s better to use separate or extra strong line to use any device. It consume 4.5 kilowatt to prepare hot water. Have an earth leakage circuit breaker protection to protect you from unwanted electric shock.
Price and Market- To buy Walton Water Heater (Geyser) WIWH-C45A08 contact any show-room of Walton electronics. Also buy in online. Price of this model is 6500.00 Taka.

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