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Walton Washing Machine WWM-KS60S Price and Review
2020-06-30 Views: 519

Walton Washing Machine WWM-KS60S Price and Review

All over the world peoples are trying to fight back with corona virus for living. Still vaccine or medicine is hunting. In this situation we have only one rule to follow- “Prevention is better than cure”. In this situation neat and clean is most important. 
In the topic to be neat and clean related is cleaning cloths. In this time everyday you need to wash your working zone cloths or uniform regularly. To solve this problem many person will be interested to buy a washing machine. Budget is also a fact in this gloomy financial condition. But, home appliance brands are considering that your need, no need to run over it. Walton Washing Machine WWM-KS60S is one of the reasonable prices models of washing machine.
Efficiency- Capacity of washing cloth of this model is 6 kg. This machine consumes 320W electric power during operation. It has hi efficient pulsator. That’s through outs dark and pollution from your cloths deep. The sound during works it does not like noise but mild humming. While you are washing cloth in washing machine, it at that time it voltage become high then it cause be a big damage for you or your appliance and cloths too. This model has been designed wide voltage to protect you from unenvied danger.
Advantages- Walton Washing Machine WWM-KS60S has fabric care and effective lint filter. That cares your fabric and color of cloths. Having lint filter lint is not entering into motors or mechanical part. Have waste water bumping facility after wash automatically.    
Structure- This model is enough stylish to look at. Top part is a glass window, large tempered glass cover with fashionable flower design. Its control panel is touch system. This fashionable model will release your working pressure and also increase the beauty of your corner where ever you will install it.   
Price and market- You can buy this model from any Walton show room of your city or town. You can buy it by cash payment or installment. You can buy it from online shop. Place order and product will reach your home as soon as possible. Price of this model is 10,000 Taka.  

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