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Walton Steam Station Iron WIR-SST-02 price and review
2020-08-29 Views: 299

Walton Steam Station Iron WIR-SST-02 price and review

Whose are willing to do self work by owns self, they like to arrange all preparation of basic needs at home. Up graded countries working people are depends on itself. Their home appliance companies are provides them all kinds of appliances to their task easy. In our country our domestics brand Walton trying to gives us first technology. Walton Steam Station Iron WIR-SST-02 is a Walton product.

During washing clothes some persistent creases are marks on clothes, which re-smooth by laundry iron. But if you use steam iron, then you can solve this very easily. A water reserve tank consists into the iron. During iron you can spray water according your need to soak clothes and by pressing you can give a perfect laundry look to your shirt.

Structure of Walton Steam Station Iron WIR-SST-02- Full body and handle are made by heat prove plastic. That gives comfort and easy to grip for user. Non-stick sole plate not cling cloth and equally distributed temperature to all surface. An iron holding stand is given with iron. When you need a little break during pressing, then hold the hot iron on stand safely. An easily removal water reserve tank is consists into the iron. To spray water on clothes has electromagnetic water pump. That can carry 1.5 litter waters at a time. Flexible wire is not easily grievers and twisted. Temperature adjustable knob added on handle.

Features of Walton Steam Station Iron WIR-SST-02- This model is so many patients to get pressure more than 3.5 bar. This iron is able to create pressure on clothes. It can spray water 40 gm/min from reserve tank. By using thermostat control knob set appropriate temperature. Need to be aware about temperature. For using stem spray apply iron remove creases from clothes. Over heat protections save from extra temperature and electric shock. When you are able to keep your stuff just like laundry care, then going for clothes outside will be decline.

Price and Show-room- Walton product are available at your nearest Walton show-room and Walton consent home appliance show room and electronics shop. Price of Walton Steam Station Iron WIR-SST-02 is 5850.00 Taka.

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