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Walton Room Heater WRH-PTC006 price and reviews
2019-11-25 Views: 607

Walton Room Heater WRH-PTC006 price and reviews

After passing hot and humid summer now it’s time say welcome to chilly winter. During this cold weather life become though special for the child and senior citizen. To make our room comfortable to live in chilly winter, room heater is a perfect appliance. Along with attractive outlook and futuristic features room heather will give you comfortable temperature.

There are several appliances brands are available in our market among them Walton is a popular one. They not only provide attractive out looking model of home appliances but also make sure reasonable price.

In recent time they have introduced new Walton Room Heater WRH-PTC006 model of room heater within affordable price. This is a black color round shape portable model. Along with modern features it has user friendly operating system. So any level user could easily manipulate the operating function according to the requirement.

Available features of this model are discussed below.

Attractive outlook: this is a black color round shape model of room heater with solid net cover is given to protect user from unwanted situation. Along with solid metallic base at the top of the body structure knob user operating system is given to manipulate the function according to the requirement. This is a light weight model to have at your room to move from one place to another easily.
Heating option: there are three level of heating available low, medium and high. Besides, double heating option will provide you more warm during heavy chilly winter.
Fan mood: you don’t need to wrap up your room heater during summer. You can also set normal cooling fan mode for normal air flow.
Safety features: you don’t need to be worry about safety issue. This is a PTC panel made heater that can absorb internal heat. Moreover, it’s over heat protection option make sure user safety. At front of the design has net to protect from warm heating bar. In addition, anti tilt protection does work as a lock to protect your child from unwanted situation.
Oscillation system: This system allow to move the air all around the room. So no matter where are you setting at your room, you will get the warm air easily.
Control panel: this is model has easy operating control panel to set the heat according to your requirement. To control the heat three options is given with alphabetical symbol L M H and to manage the machine function on off button is also given. This plug and play mode room heater can be operating by any level user.
Power connection mode: this is a daily appliance with regular power supply connection. This model is run with normal voltage of 220 volt to 240 volt with the frequency of 50 hz. This model only consumes 1500 watts power energy. So at the end of the month your electricity bill will be depending on your use.
Price and availability
This is an available model within affordable price and easily getable at your nearest showroom of Walton. Price of Walton Room Heater WRH-PTC006 is Tk 2500.

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