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Walton Rechargeable Fan W170A-EM-MS price and review
2020-05-15 Views: 748

Walton Rechargeable Fan W170A-EM-MS price and review

Rechargeable fan is one of the demandable home appliances in recent time. To reduce excited use of AC, Fan etc. are affected when electricity is on. But, when it is load shading then? This situation is not new in our country, rather too common. During extreme summer when the load shading will attempt regular, then a need of rechargeable fan is very compulsory. Walton Rechargeable Fan W170A-EM-MS is a model of a rechargeable fan.  
Structure- It is a table fan. Before use make it charge fully. In control panel have some switch to control it. Have bright LED light as a bonus. Three thin blades ensure cool air flow.
Facilities- Walton Rechargeable Fan W170A-EM-MS is able to stand by anywhere because of its structure. Automatic oscillations system serves air around 360°. It has three type speed control - Low, medium and high. According charge amount automatically it change the mode. Lowest power is 90 watt to active this model. You can use it directly connect with electricity. If electricity is gone in the mean time then it turned to DC supply automatically.   
Features- Walton Rechargeable Fan W170A-EM-MS has durable features for longer lasting use. Its battery is 12 volt lead acid battery. Efficiency of this model is 4.5 Ampere/hour. To active this fan need 30 watt power. Ability of DC motor of this model is 12 volt. Before first time use charge this fan 8 to 10 hours. After full charged you can use it on full speed for 3 hours. For medium speed duration of use is 3.5 hours and 6 hours for low speed for continues use.
LED Light- Walton Rechargeable Fan W170A-EM-MS have two LED light. During load shading not only air but also light will be available. It has two LED light of 0.056 watt. These lights will support you till 90 hours.  
Market and price- Walton Rechargeable Fan W170A-EM-MS is available to your nearest Walton show-room. Price of this model is 3690.00 Taka.

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