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Walton Multi-Cooker (Electric) WMC-P0718 Price and Reviews
2019-12-26 Views: 388

Walton Multi-Cooker (Electric) WMC-P0718 Price and Reviews

Day by day we are getting from faster to fastest by the blessing of technology. By this magical touch also changed the pattern of kitchen of every family. To make your house hold chores easy and less time consuming different type of home appliance are lunges in market. Multi cooker is such kinds of home appliance. Who are used to cooking with rice cooker, this product will more comfortable for them. Walton Multi-Cooker (Electric) WMC-P0718 is a multi cooker model.
Structure- To look at this model you may seem that it is a sound system or an oven. It is almost square but quiet round in shape. Have a blandest auto lock lid. Its view color is light blue print on white surface. A small digital display is on the front side of this model and functional buttons are arranged around this display. There have a power cord to connect with power supply.
Inner part is main of this model. An aluminum inner pot exists inside of this model. Measuring cup and scoop is included with this model. This is similar with rice cooker.  
Use indication- Boil, steam, beak or Bangladeshi cushion (Khichuri, Polau, Beaf/meat, Biriyani), Roast etc. what you like to cook everything is possible in this cooker. Rice is also cook able in this model. Capacity of Cooker (Electric) WMC-P0718 is 1.8 litters. You just fix your function before cooking. After that start your play. You can cook your recipe in your style. No tension for heat. No panic to raise or low down the volume of fire. Your selective option will provide your desire heat consistently.  
During cooking time you can put up lid to check your dish, also can mix it. Full body of this model is plastic metal that is electric resistant. You can do another task when it is cooking. If you set the timer, then cooker will be automatically turned off after finished cook. This procedure save your time and help to do your task.
Another service- It can reheat cooking food. There is baking option also included. You can use this model as like an electric oven.   
Electric features- To operate this model need 220-240 volt 50 Hz AC supply. It consume 860 watt power.
Price and Market- To buy Walton Multi- Cooker (Electric) WMC-P0718 contact any show-room of Walton electronics. Also buy in online. Price of this model is 5200.00 Taka.

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