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Walton LED Television WSD55FD Price and reviews
2019-08-17 Views: 663

Walton LED Television WSD55FD Price and reviews

TV is one of the best indoor entertainment systems. Bring the whole world not only in your home but also in oblong screen. Because of internet smart phone and i-phone take the huge part of entertainment. Plowshares in free time every family want spend a quality time by enjoying any reality-show, live program or sports. So that, TV becomes family member for every family.
Human test about life style get change day by day, increasing luxury.The features of television also change to step up with the demand. In TV shop 1st choice is LED TV. Walton brought to you a light and smart features included LED TV.Walton LED Television WSD55FD can be your family member during this T-20 season to enjoy match.
Display- Display of Walton LED Television WSD55FDis 55" width in 16:9 ratios. It’s view angle is-H-178°(CR>10). You can view full screen from any part of your room.Its brightness is 280 cd/m2 and contrast ratio is – 1200:1. Picture quality, brightness and difference of color will increase the pleasure of casting program and feel you live view.
Input and Output port-In smart TV your desire facility for data transfer is included in this model. It has 12 port, to provide you connecting service to enjoy video and audio from different device and system. You can use HDMI, USB, PC audio IN, head phone, PC IN, RF IN port to connect pen drive, PC, music system, DVD, camera or another device to recording or live video watch.
TV system-Video quality of this model is smart and coeval. Color and brightness is vivid. To have PAL/NTSC/SECAM – it can receive any satellite channel. On the other hand, it can receive around 200 channels. Sound system of this TV is BG/D/K/1.                                   
USB play-By using USB port you can watch AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV,MOV type video. Can enjoy AAC, MP4, MP3, WAV- audio . This model also can support JPEG, BMP, PNG quality picture. In a simple word this model is a complete package of indoor entertainment.
Audio Quality- It’s audio power is 2x8 w. Speaker of this model is consist in base or ground. Sound effect of this speaker is stereo and surround. You can hear clear and loud sound from anywhere of  room.
Weight and Area-You can set this TV upon wall. Also use with stand to keep on table.It’sarea without stand is-(L*W*H)-1240 mm*85mm*715mm. With stand it’s area is -(L*W*H)- 1240mm*260mm*770mm. Weight of this model without stand is-14.92 kg.With stand is-15.4 kg.
Accessory-Necessary tools to  active TV, that means power cable, remote with battery, TV stand, wall mount bracket etc. will get in packet. So that, you can easily install it in wall or anywhere you want. Company will serve you a manual book, from installation to operate this model everything in details describe here.
Electrical features-To active this model by power supply needs 110 -240 volt/60 Hz. You current consume depends to running time of TV. Height power consume of this model is 115 watt. This amount is very poor then another home appliance. So, there is no possibility of much electrical bill for running TV.
Price and Availability-Walton LED Television WSD55FDis one of the smart and attractive televisions of Walton brand. You will get this model in any your nearby show-roomofWalton. Its value is 59900.00 Taka. Arrangement of featuresof this model is according to demand and appetite of present time.Walton LED Television WSD55FDcan be a medium of green entertainment for your family.

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